2015 Annual Exhibition

This event, which has been running for over 60 years, will be open to the public on Wednesday 18th March 2015 and Thursday 19th March 2015. On display will be a showcase of members’ work. All members have an opportunity to exhibit work of any subject they choose for appreciation by all who visit the Exhibition.

Arrangements for the 2 interclub competitions held on these dates, known as the “North Cheshire Challenges”, have been published on the dedicated website and blog for the North Cheshire Challenges, there are links to these in the other page in this drop-down menu.

In summary:
Wednesday 18th March – our judge –Mike McNamee –will join to score probably over 100 top prints, to be displayed in turn on the light box and projected simultaneously for the benefit of the audience.

Thursday 19th March – our judge – Tony Dudley – will join us to knock-out, round by round, well in excess of 100 DPIs, which have to be different images to those shown as prints on the previous evening.

Friday 20th March – details for this members’ event are to be announced.

Exhibition Entry details

Members can enter up to 5 Prints and 5 PDIs. The Prints will be displayed on our lit exhibition stands and the PDIs will be running as a slideshow on a monitor at the front of the hall before the competitions and during the refreshment breaks.

Please be aware that we only have a finite amount of space in which to hang the prints and as you will see on the Entry Form we would like to you enter them in order of preference. In this way we can determine which prints can be left out should we have too many by missing out No. 5 and so on.

You can find a downloadable Exhibition-entry-form here.

As always if you run into problems or have a question just ping an email.