27th January 2015 – Judge Tillman Kleinhans

Title Author Score
Campari Chameleon Jon Allanson 16
Grey Squirrel Jon Allanson 16
Whooper Touchdown Jon Allanson 16
Greenland Agnes Barlow 15
Market Stall Agnes Barlow 15
Zebras Agnes Barlow 15
Cheeky Red Squirrel Christine Bedwin 16
Emerging Fungi Christine Bedwin 16
High Flyer Christine Bedwin 14
Eyes On The Balls Tony Berry 16
Monument To Despair Tony Berry 15
Storm In Bavaria Mountains Tony Berry 14
Miramar Hotel Fuchal Bill Chadband 14
Securing The Hilltop Bill Chadband 14
Singing Mushrooms Bill Chadband 14
Early Morn Roy Cheetham 16
Day Out At Whitby Roy Cheetham 14
Natasha Roy Cheetham 13
Eye To Eye Roger Dye 17
Five Spot Burnet Moth Roger Dye 16
1 Year Old Gannet Roger Dye 15
Determination John Garner 15
Moon Flight John Garner 15
Infinity John Garner 13
End Of The Pier John Gauld 15
The Rowing Boat John Gauld 14
Afon Gamlan John Gauld 14
Distant Grazing Chris Green 16
Special Branch Chris Green 15
Melting Forest Chris Green 12
Alone Dave Hockin 20 Winner
Deansgate Dave Hockin 16
Nun In The Mist Dave Hockin 15
Cobwebbed Eye Lynda Hockin 17
Mum Its Cold Lynda Hockin 14
Stairway To… Lynda Hockin 14
After Church Annette Hockney 16
Wheres That Mouse Annette Hockney 16
Sunshine Through Smoke Annette Hockney 15
Breaking Out Of The Tackle Rob Hockney 16
Mute Swan Water Skimming Rob Hockney 16
Passing The Ball Out Of The Ruck Rob Hockney 15
Roar Danny Hurley 16
Rush Hour Stillness Danny Hurley 16
Slipping Into Darkness Danny Hurley 16
Power Lines Graham Johnston 17
Razorbill In Flight Graham Johnston 17
Fulmar Graham Johnston 15
Beach Combing Ken Jones 15
A Modern Reflection Ken Jones 14
Hello Great Grandma Ken Jones 14
Falls At Middleclough June Lown 15
Trinity Church Spire June Lown 15
A Bridge To Nowhere June Lown 13
Barbary Ground Squirrel Mike Lown 15
Derwent Water Dawn Mike Lown 15
Spittal Groynes Mike Lown 13
Looking To Land Paula Martin 17
Exposed Paula Martin 16
Penmon Lighthouse Paula Martin 15
Stag Attacking Juvenile Paul Matthews 19
Gulls Fighting Paul Matthews 18
Female Sparrowhawk With Prey Paul Matthews 17
Moody Buttermere Keith Meredith 17
The Wall Keith Meredith 15
Thirlmere Keith Meredith 14
Eagle Eye Noel Patterson 16
In Defence Of The Bank Noel Patterson 16
Venetian Catch Up Noel Patterson 15
Bandsman Colin Pickles 15
Steaming Colin Pickles 15
Three Boats Colin Pickles 15
Cottage In The Mist Dorothy Redford 18
Misty Morning Dorothy Redford 16
Poolside Poser Dorothy Redford 15
A Long And Winding Road Tony Redford 19
Leaving It Late Tony Redford 15
Seaside Art Tony Redford 14
Brewing Up A Storm Geoff Robinson 15
Early Morning At Perch Rock Geoff Robinson 15
Liaison Copy Geoff Robinson 15
Windswept Jackie Robinson 20
Astrantia Jackie Robinson 16
The Individual Jackie Robinson 15
Sunrise At The Marina Aamir Sabzwari 17
Normanton Church Aamir Sabzwari 16
The Cage Aamir Sabzwari 16
Dragonfly In Flight Alan Saunders 18
Red Deer Trotting Alan Saunders 16
Fulmar In Flight Alan Saunders 15
Fighting The Fire Richard Scaife 18
Beachy Head Richard Scaife 15
The Tardis Comes To Manchester Richard Scaife 14
Calm Light Dave Shandley 17
Sunset On Borth Y Gest Dave Shandley 16
Church Beach Dave Shandley 15
Adult Grey Heron Fishing Yvonne Stcyr 18
Playtime Yvonne Stcyr 15
Stag At Dawn Yvonne Stcyr 15
Windy Weather Joyce Streets 18
Porthcawl Joyce Streets 16
Sassi Joyce Streets 15