24th February 2015 – Judge Ray Grover

Title Author Score
Young Shopkeeper Jon Allanson 17
Lathering up for a shave Jon Allanson 16
Trees and Tea Jon Allanson 15
Happy faces Agnes Barlow 20
Bluebell Wood Agnes Barlow 16
Twister Agnes Barlow 16
Night Prowler Christine Bedwin 18
Squirrel Christine Bedwin 17
Daisy Reflection Christine Bedwin 16
Lady Wiggle Honda Richard Chandler 17
Coombes Robin Richard Chandler 16
Whitby Abbey Richard Chandler 16
Natasha Roy Cheetham 17
Carla Roy Cheetham 16
David Roy Cheetham 16
Love John Garner 16
Off to War John Garner 15
First frost of Autumn John Gauld 17
Before the storm John Gauld 16
Bridge at Dawn John Gauld 15
Curvature Chris Green 19
Dishevelled Chris Green 15
Spreading branches Chris Green 15
Layla Dave Hockin 17
Deansgate Bridge Dave Hockin 16
Morecambe Bay Dave Hockin 16
the watcher Annette Hockney 17
Tufted Duck Annette Hockney 17
Whooper swan at dusk Annette Hockney 15
A steamy business Rob Hockney 19
Golden Eye Rob Hockney 17
Dawn Antarctica Rob Hockney 16
Slate Industry Monument Danny Hurley 17
Hanging Ten Danny Hurley 16
Surfs Up Danny Hurley 16
Gannet Graham Johnston 18
Neck and Neck Graham Johnston 17
The Stacks Graham Johnston 16
The Alien Ken Jones 16
The rain In Spain Ken Jones 16
Mosaic Ken Jones 15
Windmill Antigua June Lown 16
Castlerigg Sunrise June Lown 15
Spider in web June Lown 15
Blae Tarn Mike Lown 17
Black Beach Sunset Mike Lown 15
Mow Cop Early Evening Mike Lown 14
Tough Mudder Paula Martin 18
Off at the Bend Paula Martin 17
Puffin with fish Paula Martin 16
Heron eating frog Paul Matthews 19
Male red grouse calling Paul Matthews 19
Short eared owl Paul Matthews 19
First Snow Keith Meredith 17
Holly Tree in the Langdale Hills Keith Meredith 16
Dead Tree In The Park Keith Meredith 15
The fencer – on guard Noel Patterson 20
Newmarket Gallops Noel Patterson 17
The Old Mill Noel Patterson 17
The leader Colin Pickles 17
Sandcastle Colin Pickles 16
On Parade Colin Pickles 15
Blossom 2 Dorothy Redford 20 Winner
Into the mist Dorothy Redford 16
Made up Dorothy Redford 15
Bedtime Stories Tony Redford 17
Concentration Tony Redford 17
Autumn Glow Tony Redford 15
Winter blues Jackie Robinson 20
Doll Jackie Robinson 19
A pensive moment Jackie Robinson 17
Hollybush Spout Aamir Sabzwari 15
My Town Hall Aamir Sabzwari 15
The Avalanche Rose Aamir Sabzwari 14
Rook in Winters Vice Alan Saunders 17
Weight of Winter Alan Saunders 17
The Wanderer Alan Saunders 14
Floating Bridge Richard Scaife 16
All In A Days Work Richard Scaife 15
Swinging Puppeteers Richard Scaife 15
Sea rocks Dave Shandley 17
Evie Dave Shandley 15
Fence and gate Dave Shandley 15
Riding the Storm Joyce Streets 18
Hooper Swan Landing Joyce Streets 17
Mist over the Hills Joyce Streets 15