18th November – Judge Christine Widdall

Title Author Score
Grey Squirrel Jon Allanson 16
Ring-Tailed Lemur Jon Allanson 15
I wear my poppy with pride Jon Allanson 15
Gone Fishing Agnes Barlow 15
Autumn Agnes Barlow 14
Hollyhocks Agnes Barlow 13
I am watching you! Christine Bedwin 19
Kestrel Christine Bedwin 16
Chaffinch Christine Bedwin 15
Mellisa Roy Cheetham 16
Nicola Roy Cheetham 16
On the Waterfront Roy Cheetham 13
Austen Healey 3000 John Garner 16
Abersoch Harbour John Garner 12
Cloud Burst Chris Green 14
Autumn Woodland Chris Green 14
Approaching Storm Chris Green 12
Echoes of Phalaenopsis Annette Hockney 16
Bellowing Stag Annette Hockney 15
Mating swallow-tailed gulls Rob Hockney 18
Heading for a Score Rob Hockney 17
A brother’s kiss Rob Hockney 16
Lost Control Graham Johnston 20
Gannet Graham Johnston 16
Ice Form Graham Johnston 14
Heading our way June Lown 16
Happy June Lown 15
Ferry June Lown 12
Holy Trinity Spire Michael Lown 14
Middle Clough Pool Michael Lown 14
Skogafoss Michael Lown 14
Gannet at Dusk Paula Martin 18
Razorbill coming in to land Paula Martin 16
In Pursuit Paula Martin 16
Light on the Tee Keith Meredith 16
RedesmereMist Keith Meredith 15
Gone Round the Bend Keith Meredith 15
Nigella Lisa Mullins 18
Hand That Feeds Lisa Mullins 17
Lucy Lisa Mullins 16
Toledo Cathedral Dave Osborne 15
Chapel- American Air Force Academy Dave Osborne 15
Sheba Dave Osborne 14
Nika Noel Patterson 16
The Way Home Noel Patterson 15
Devil Rising Noel Patterson 14
Dockside Colin Pickles 15
Dartmouth Colin Pickles 12
Celebration Colin Pickles 12
Lady in Red Dorothy Redford 15
Changing Room Dorothy Redford 15
Quiet Rehearsal Dorothy Redford 15
Stags in Snow Flurry Tony Redford 16
British Cycling Tony Redford 16
The Great Escape Tony Redford 14
Lakeside Mist Geoff Robinson 18
Nicole Geoff Robinson 17
Little Girl Blue Geoff Robinson 14
Bookland Jackie Robinson 20 Winner
An Unconventional Girl Jackie Robinson 20
Night Owls Jackie Robinson 19
Early Purple Orchid Trevor Rogers 16
A Good Gossip Trevor Rogers 15
Cobaea Scanden Buds Trevor Rogers 12
Thornton Force Falls Aamir Sabzwari 16
The Agent Aamir Sabzwari 15
Sweet Dreams Alan Saunders 18
Oyster Catcher Alan Saunders 16
Otter on the Hunt Alan Saunders 13
Before the Storm Dave Shandley 16
Strata Dave Shandley 16
Girl on a Bench Dave Shandley 13
Eider Chick Joyce Streets 16
Misty Mooring Joyce Streets 13
The Old Boat at Corpach Mike Thornton 16
Eilean Donan Castle Mike Thornton 14
River Tay, Pirth Mike Thornton 12