3rd April – Judge Erica Oram

Title Author Score
Man, Peryar Jon Allanson 15
On the way to school Jon Allanson 16
You didn’t buy anything from me! Jon Allanson 15
I’m bored Agnes Barlow 16
Slate quarry Agnes Barlow 14
York station Agnes Barlow 15
Rutting stag Christine Bedwin 18
Bluebell wood Christine Bedwin 15
Snow drops Christine Bedwin 16
Nicole Roy Cheetham 14
Ready for morning prayers Roy Cheetham 15
Classic Chevrolet John Garner 16
Victorian Macclesfield John Garner 14
Tulips John Garner 16
Moorland stream Christopher Green 14
A gem amongst giants Christopher Green 15
First peek at spring Christopher Green 14
Dreaming of Blea Tarn Annette Hockney 18
I’m bored Annette Hockney 14
Reflected Boston Annette Hockney 16
Wild boar sow in the Forest Dean Rob Hockney 18
Time for a smoke Rob Hockney 19
Call of the wild Rob Hockney 20
In motion Graham Johnston 16
Barn owl Graham Johnston 17
Great spotted woodpecker Graham Johnston 18
Eider duck bathing June Lown 14
Autumn light, Blea Tarn June Lown 15
Sun through trees June Lown 14
Derwent river and Skiddaw Michael Lown 15
Snowfall, Austwick Michael Lown 15
Mute swan landing Michael Lown 19
Rain approaching Paula Martin 17
Mist and snow, Lake Bled Paula Martin 16
Gannet in flight Paula Martin 16
Early light Keith Meredith 15
Wastwater reflections Keith Meredith 16
Sunset from Mam Tor Keith Meredith 14
Imminent tackle Noel Patterson 19
Fencers clash Noel Patterson 18
Come into the woods Noel Patterson 16
God’s wonderful railway Colin Pickles 14
The whistle blower Colin Pickles 14
On the quarterdeck Colin Pickles 14
Abandoned Dorothy Redford 15
Lost in space Dorothy Redford 16
The performers Dorothy Redford 15
Futures in jeopardy Tony Redford 17
Totally oblivious Tony Redford 17
An Englishman abroad Tony Redford 17
Due care and attention Geoff Robinson 17
Beware Geoff Robinson 18
September morn Geoff Robinson 16
Disconnected Jackie Robinson 20
Moon at sunrise Jackie Robinson 15
The soul collector Jackie Robinson 20 Winner
Snow over Kinder Reservoir Trevor Rogers 15
Coldwell Clough Trevor Rogers 16
Dusk at Salford Quays Aamir Sabzwari 15
Joanne Aamir Sabzwari 17
Emperor dragonflies mating Alan Saunders 17
Home to roost Alan Saunders 17
Turnstone landing Alan Saunders 16
Gannets bonding Joyce Streets 16
Early morning training Joyce Streets 17
Hooper swans Joyce Streets 17
The King rides out Mike Thornton 16
Oh sugar! Mike Thornton 17
Life in the 19th century Mike Thornton 14