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Beware – new type of old scam

Hi everyone, my son has just fallen victim (almost) to the latest form of scamming going about (we turned his phone off but I'm still not sure if we've got off lightly). It's called Ransomware which basically means that whilst surfing the net you will be hit by a page that appears purporting to come

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Be Inspired

The agenda and accompanying papers for the upcoming L&CPU AGM are posted below. Whilst I don't expect many of you to be inspired by that you should perhaps take a look a the Competition Secretary's report which begins on page 9. The name of NCPS appears on every list of top placed clubs and our

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PDI entries

Hi everyone, thanks for a very successful first upload, it went very well indeed. Only 1 point would make life easier, titles, if you could make sure that you call the Image the same as the title that would be ideal and save me having to guess. Thanks and all the best Danny

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PDI entries received so far

Hi everyone here the final list of the members that uploaded their images successfully, if your name isn't on this list and you think it should be get in touch QUICK Rob Hockney Ken Jones Roy Cheetham Dave Shandley John Garner Colin Pickles John Jurics Bryan Down Keith Meredith Tony Redford Agnes Barlow Me Lynda Hockin Richard

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The Exhibition is on its way

Hi everyone don't forget that the exhibition is on in Mid March and if you would like to have your images shown, sooner rather than later is better for getting them to me. February 17th is on the calendar as the hand-in day but any time between 1 - 24th February will be fine. Thanks

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