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Major Achievement for Joyce Streets

I'm absolutely delighted to invite you all to join me in offering well-deserved and heartfelt congratulations to Joyce Streets who was awarded a DPAGB at the recent PAGB Awards Adjudication in Southampton. Joyce submitted in PDI and scored (if my arithmetic is correct) 318 points, comfortably above the pass level of 300. DPAGB is notoriously difficult

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Camera Club of the Year scores

NCPS scored 400 (out of a maximum 500) in the CCOTY competition! I have no idea how this places us in the overall standing, but I reckon it's a pretty decent score. Scores for individual images can be found in the attached spreadsheet. Congratulations to Barry Pearson (!) who recorded our only 20 with "I'm

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Camera Club of the Year Competition

With our entry for Round 5 of the CCotY competition posted our entry is now complete and we await the results with interest. Thanks to everyone who supported our effort; especially that small number who supported us at the end and the even smaller number who supplied images for all five rounds. The entry for Round 5 was

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Rosalind Bramley results

For some reason or other the results of the Rosalind Bramley competition don't appear to have made their way onto the blog. Here they are: 1st "Abandoned" by Joyce Streets 2nd "Horse in the Wilderness" by Dorothy Redford 3rd "Trees" by Joyce Streets 4th "Come into the Woods" by Noel Patterson 5th "City in the

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Tonight’s Meeting is CANCELLED

Bad news folks. We have just been advised that the Civic Hall has suffered a catastrophic power failure and is without power. As a result we have no alternative but to cancel our meeting. Apologies that many of you will read this only on your return from the Club this evening. I will go to

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Salon success for Aamir

Aamir has had a good day at the office; coming away from the 66th International Midland Salon with a maximum score and ribbon for his image Thaddeus, which did so well for us in the L&CPU and PAGB competitions last season, and with an  "Sunrise at the marina" also accepted.            

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