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Christine Bedwin attacked by dog

I'm sorry I have to report that our Membership secretary Christine Bedwin is in Wythenshaw hospital following an attack by a dog (German Sheppard cross) whilst she was out delivering leaflets. As Christine was putting a leaflet through the letterbox of the dog owner's house her hand was grabbed by the dog and her arm

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Dates of L&CPU Competitions 2015-16

The dates for the L&CPU competitions for the coming season have been released as follows: Interclub Digital Knock Out  Sat. 21st Nov.2015 - Judge: Malcolm Kus         We are hosting this!!!!!! Interclub Print and PDI comp. Sat/Sun 27th/28th Feb 2016 - This is the qualifier for Warwick and Ellesmere Port Individual Print and PDI comp. Sat/Sun 7th/8th

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We’re going to Ellesmere Port after all

Yes folks; after the discovery of an irregularity with the qualifying entry of Wigan PS at the L&CPU Annual back in May they have been disqualified and we, as fifth-placed club in the prints, have been invited to take their place in the 2015 PAGB Inter-Club Print Competition. It's on Sunday 25th October and being

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The Only Way is Pemberley exhibition – Preview Night at Stockport Art Gallery

Hi everyone I have just received an email from a friend of club, namely Matt Blonc, who used to join us at Hazel Grove occasionally (sitting at the back). He's a professional photographer who, amongst other work, runs workshops for Calumet. Anyway, I digress, he has an exhibition from this weekend at Stockport Art Gallery

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Want to try something different? Want photographic opportunities you don’t normally get? (for free!) Are you getting bored with your photography? Here is your opportunity to:- Get the Mayor and the MP to pose by a stall selling fruit wines. Take picture of a table full of decorated cupcakes. Walk into the middle of an

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Rosalind Bramley Cup Found

I'm delighted (not to mention, relieved) to advise that we've found the Rosalind Bramley Cup! Arguably it was never lost, buried as it was behind a load of old stuff in the back of our cupboard. I'll give it to its most recent winner, Joyce Streets, for safe keeping at the start of the new

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New Selection Committee Chair

Following Graham's flight south I'm delighted to announce that Noel Patterson has taken over the role of Chair of our Selection Committee. He has a hard act to follow, not least in getting us to Warwick in 2016 when we have to compete against Chorley and the other top clubs in the L&CPU for the two

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