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Martin Avery Competition results

The second competition in quick succession proved a more rewarding experience seeing NCPS come second to Chorley PS during an insightful evening of judging. The Martin Avery Competition is for creative work with each club submitting 12 prints. St Helens CC did a fantastic job of welcoming everyone, running a well organised competition, providing a great half

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L&CPU Knockout results

There was a very healthy 41 clubs represented in the competition each providing 4 images making a total of 164 to be judged. Each round saw images eliminated so after round 1 the 164 was reduced to 125, after round 2 to 75,  after round 3 to 26, and after round 4  just 5 images were left

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Equipment Sale

Received a request from David Sharp, the President of Bramhall P.S. He has been asked to sell photo equipment  belonging to the late Harry Bosworth and wondered whether we could post this on our Blog. the following items are for sale: Manfrotto Tripod complete with Head  £100, Sensor Scope  kit(cost new £ 79)  £ 25.

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Site Security

Hi everyone, apologies but I have had to add another layer of security settings on the site which may mean you come up against a window or two that you won't have seen before. I won't bore you with the techie facts (which is mainly because I don't understand most it myself!) but over the

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Image assessment evening

A big thank you to everyone who contributed to last nights image assessment evening either with your contributions, your images or both. Further to the selection of the Taekwondo images 5 of the 6 groups chose the same images 12 and 9 and the other group chose image 12 and 2. I had in fact already

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