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Uploader for next PRINT competition

Hi everyone, apologies for not announcing this last night but if you've entered prints for the forthcoming Print competition on April 12th please would you upload a jpeg for each one (in normal PDI format 1050 x 1400) as we are going to project them while the judge views the print so that everyone can

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An evening with Sue Westwood Ruttledge

We were treated to a very interesting and informative evening with Sue Westwood Ruttledge discussing her horse and animal photography business. Sue filled us in on her background and how that led her into rekindling a school day interest in photography. Sue took time at the start of the evening to tell us a little about

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Exhibition Visitors

105 People signed into  our Exhibition - 31 on Thursday and 73 on Friday (the missing one visited on Wednesday whilst we were setting up) They stayed between 10 minutes and an hour 37 wrote comments in the book. All were very positive, several effusive I call that A RESULT! Thanks to everyone who made it possible.

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Room for One on Doug Chinnery Workshop

I've just learned that I will be unable to participate in Doug Chinnery's landscape workshop on Tuesday 29th March. If you would like to participate please let me know. The full cost is £85 per person, but we might be able to come to a certain arrangement over this. Regrettably, I can do nothing about

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Fake camera originated from Simply Electronics

PLEASE SEE ARTICLE BELOW AND FOLLOW THE LINK TO READ THE STORY I know we have many people in the Club who have purchased equipment form Simply Electronics and have done so entirely satifactorily for several years. However you should be aware that the camera reported below was purchased from this well known web-based supplier.

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North Cheshire Challenges – NCPS results

The two North Cheshire Challenges have now been held. Two great evenings of images and fantastic organisation saw the hall pretty full on both nights. Chorley  did the double winning both nights, but in the PDI competition they only just beat  North Cheshire by just one point! Congratulations to Yvonne for producing the best image

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