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Colin Jarvis – A personal photographic journey to an MA in photography

Colin provided an informative an entertaining evening outlining the influences on the development of his photography and sharing examples of his resulting work. Colin has a distinctive style which was well illustrated with a range of images of public spaces and linked back to the influences he had described. In the second half Colin shared

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Great night with Robert Millin

The third night of the season saw the return of Robert Millin who judged our final internal competition of last season. Robert's talk was "The confessions of a competition addict" and gave us an insight into how Robert has set about getting  various accreditations from around the world. These have come both via Exhibition / Salon acceptances

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Canon 6D for sale

Some of you may recall that I had all of my camera gear stolen while Rob and I were in Argentina nearly 2 years ago. I was able to replace the camera while we were out there, and I am now upgrading to a new one. The camera I bought back then is a 6D

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Free-event Winnats Pass Thursday, Friday Saturday 21-23 September

WATERLICHT is an ambitious and large-scale digital installation by Dutch Designer, Daan Roosegaarde with International Design and Innovation Studio Roosegaarde. Set in the dramatic v-shaped valley of Winnats Pass that acts as a gateway into Castleton and the Hope Valley, WATERLICHT will virtually flood Winnats Pass with light and smoke to reveal the geological formations of

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Another new member

Here's some information on Andrew Whettam, another new member: "My main photographic passion is landscapes and I've been shooting them with Olympus cameras for 25+ years, on and off - OM1 and OM4 film cameras, currently E-M1 micro 4/3rds. I've been intending to come along to the club ever since I moved to Poynton 20 years ago - I've

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New member: Ean Davies

Here's some information on a new member: "I've lived in Poynton for 10 years now with my wife, Steph, and various kids/step-kids. I work in Manchester as a Patent Attorney. I've been vaguely interested in photography since I was at University, back in the days of film, but I found the hassle of developing and printing

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RPS Digital Imaging Group meeting

The next meeting of the RPS DIG will be held on Sunday 22nd October from 10 until 3 at Lowton C of E High School WA3 1DU.  Booking forms are available from here. There are two speakers; Terry Donnelly and Margaret Salisbury, and don't forget the 'Bring a Print' competition! More info available here: October17 DIG

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