23rd September – Judge Norman Thompson

Title Author Score
Studying the Holy Word Jon Allanson 15
Female Parson’s Chameleon Jon Allanson 17
Heron Jon Allanson 16
Peacock Agnes Barlow 14
Please Help Agnes Barlow 15
Spring Agnes Barlow 12
Red Squirrel Christine Bedwin 18
Wild Pine Marten Christine Bedwin 17
Common Spotted Orchid Christine Bedwin 14
In the Morning Light Roy Cheetham 15
A scene from the film ‘Dr No’ Roy Cheetham 16
I still remember my Grandmama Roy Cheetham 19
Scene in Spain John Garner 15
Contrasting Seville John Garner 16
Unexpected Rainbow Jill Hargreaves 12
The Old Blacksmiths Jill Hargreaves 14
Autumn on Glass Jill Hargreaves 15
Blue-footed Boobies Pair-bonding Rob Hockney 18
Chasing Dirt Rob Hockney 17
Whalley Church Rob Hockney 16
Gannet in Flight Graham Johnston 19
Leading the Way Graham Johnston 15
Gull with Chicks Graham Johnston 15
Hurry up lad Roger Knight 16
Abandoned Roger Knight 16
Argy-bargy Roger Knight 14
Tawny Owl in Bluebells June Lown 16
Sand Gets in your Lens June Lown 17
St Micheal’s Mount incoming tide June Lown 15
Middle Clough Waterfall Michael Lown 17
Ripples in the Sand Michael Lown 16
Castlerigg Sunrise Michael Lown 14
Guillimot Paula Martin 16
Puffin with Sandeels Paula Martin 20
Snowy Owl in the Rain Paula Martin 15
Menai Bridge Keith Meredith 17
Benllech Sunrise Keith Meredith 16
Last Light on Curbar Edge Keith Meredith 15
Xizhou Cyclist Noel Patterson 15
The Mah Jong Player Noel Patterson 15
Splashing Through Noel Patterson 18
Paddle Power Colin Pickles 16
Lancaster Landing Colin Pickles 15
Two Windows Colin Pickles 15
Flooded Crypt Dorothy Redford 17
Waiting Dorothy Redford 17
Awaiting Assistance Dorothy Redford 16
A Lull Before the Storm Tony Redford 16
Remembering Tony Redford 17
Early Maintenance Man Tony Redford 12
Llanddwyn Geoff Robinson 18
Temptation Geoff Robinson 19
Nikki Geoff Robinson 17
Looking Thoughtful Jackie Robinson 17
Stillness Jackie Robinson 16
Mawddach at Sunrise Jackie Robinson 17
Coldwell Clough, Kinder Scout Trevor Rogers 17
Dream Garden, Dunster Trevor Rogers 15
Tortoiseshell on Chocolate Dahlia Trevor Rogers 16
The Braille Reader Aamir Sabzwari 17
The Mill Owner Aamir Sabzwari 16
Beezley Falls Aamir Sabzwari 15
Break in the Mist Alan Saunders 16
Lake Buttermere Alan Saunders 14
Window on the World Dave Shandley 15
Looking Out Dave Shandley 16
Biker With Dog Dave Shandley 18
Egret Joyce Streets 19
Gotcha Joyce Streets 16
Street Entertainer Mike Thornton 15
Royalist Officer Mike Thornton 12
River Goyt Mike Thornton 14