29th June 2021 – Judges Jon Allanson, Rob Hockney and Noel Patterson

The second of some fun competitions to encourage people to try new things and to keep us all motivated over what we used to call the summer recess.

The theme is ‘Song Titles’.

Entry Information

Theme Song Titles
Applicable Rules Rules for Club Worker Competitions   All rules about reusing are suspended so you can use old club worker images if you must and you can use any good ones you make for these challenges in subsequent club workers competitions.
Maximum Permissible Entries 4, although it might be necessary to cull a few entries if we have too many for three judges to score
Closing date 27th June 2021
Submission URL https://success.clubsoftware.org/main.php?org
Image Format JPEG
Maximum Dimensions 1400 pixels wide x 1050 pixels high
Maximum File Size 1.5 mBytes
Colour Space sRGB