Judge – Terry Donnelly

A slideshow of images scoring 18 points or more can be found at the bottom of the page

Author Title Score
Agnes Barlow At The Homestead 18
Agnes Barlow Two Little Girls 16
Christine Bedwin Mellisa 18
Christine Bedwin Silverback Gorilla In The Wild 16
Simeon Briggs Ilian 18
Simeon Briggs Wispy Derwent Sunset 16
Chris Green Night Out 16
Chris Green Was It Something I Said 15
Annette Hockney Cheetah With Cubs 20
Rob Hockney Leopard Stalking 18
Annette Hockney Melissa In Fur And Flowers 17
Rob Hockney Up Close And Personal 15
Danny Hurley Andy Moss In Flight 17
Danny Hurley Incoming 16
John Jurics Birdie Ballerina 16
John Jurics Dying 15
Paul Matthews Female Kingfisher 18
Paul Matthews Grebes Courtship Displaying 18
Lisa Mullins Wilf 19
Lisa Mullins Great Crested Grebes Courting 16
Noel Patterson Up And At It 18
Noel Patterson Charging For Goal 16
Colin Pickles Naval Service Memorial 18
Colin Pickles Autumn At Tarn Hows 17
Dorothy Redford Walking Away 19
Dorothy Redford Patterned Perspective 18
Tony Redford Winter Morn 17
Tony Redford Victorian Apple 15
Aamir Sabzwari Prince And Me 20
Aamir Sabzwari Goodbye My Friend 17
Penny Scaife Spinningfields Reflected 17
Richard Scaife Anticipation 15
Richard Scaife Stained Glass Girls 15
Penny Scaife Tiger Tiger Burning Bright 15
Julie Shoesmith Purple Tulip 18
Geraldine Stephenson Svalbad Landscape 17
Geraldine Stephenson White Morph 16
Joyce Streets Mountain Hare 20 WINNER
Joyce Streets Snow Buntings In Whiteout 17

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