Judge: Brian Law

Images scoring 17 and over are displayed below the table

Author Title Score
Jon Allanson Across to San Giorgio Maggiore 16
Jon Allanson Miss Marina Mae 17
Jon Allanson Red Squirrel With Lichen on Whisker 14
Christine Bedwin Great Created Grebes 13
Christine Bedwin Hydrangea 15
Christine Bedwin Wild Mountain Gorilla with Baby 16
Simeon Briggs Luke 17
Simeon Briggs Morning at the Harbour 16
Simeon Briggs Winter at Taxal Edge 16
Roger Dye Going for it 15
Chris Green Fields of green 15
Chris Green Morning after Halloween 14
Chris Green Strong connection 14
Annette Hockney A Turn of Terns 18
Annette Hockney Quintet 18
Annette Hockney Venetian Arches 15
Rob Hockney Telling a tale 19
Rob Hockney The Age of Steam 17
Rob Hockney The Three Adelies 16
Danny Hurley Autumn Gorge Auchinleck Estate 15
Danny Hurley Fungi Family 14
Danny Hurley Gold Leaf 16
John Jurics Changed Skyline 17
John Jurics End of shift 16
John Jurics Tranquil Durham 16
Lisa Mullins Girl Behind The Veil 16
Lisa Mullins Mother Nature 16
Lisa Mullins Young Pretender 16
Frank Ogden Image of a girl 13
Frank Ogden kelpies 13
Frank Ogden Sunset 13
Noel Patterson Giving you the eye 15
Noel Patterson Heads up 16
Noel Patterson Ribbon spirrals round 15
Colin Pickles Autumn 14
Colin Pickles High and Dry Mallaig 13
Colin Pickles Loch Shiel 15
Dorothy Redford Back to Back 16
Dorothy Redford Delphiniam 16
Dorothy Redford Gobsmacked 13
Tony Redford 01 Lost in Music 17
Tony Redford 02 Mind Your Fingers 16
Tony Redford 03 A Sense of Foreboding 13
Aamir Sabzwari Fox scouting 20 – Winner
Aamir Sabzwari Gannet with nesting material 16
Aamir Sabzwari Two of a kind 17
Julie Shoesmith Frost on Thyme 16
Julie Shoesmith New York in the round 15
Julie Shoesmith Tulips from Amsterdam 17
Yvonne StCyr Commom Tern 16
Yvonne StCyr Everlasting Sweet Pea 17
Yvonne StCyr Male Great Crested Grebe with Young 14
Geraldine Stephenson Large Red Damselfly 17
Geraldine Stephenson Masai Herdsman 17
Geraldine Stephenson Tiger Tiger 19
Joyce Streets Fun in the Snow 19
Joyce Streets Shell on the Shore 17
Mike Thornton Grasshopper 16
Mike Thornton Industrial Output 17
Mike Thornton Sally Peake British Vaulter-1 17

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