21st October – Judge Graham Shaw

Title Author Score
Roger Dye Gannets bonding 20
Paul Matthews Kingfishers courtship feeding-1 20
Yvonne St.Cyr Hind with Fawn 19
Graham Johnston Gull invading Guillemots 19
Graham Johnston Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon 19
Jackie Robinson The Julian Alps 19
Danny Hurley Structural Support 18
Mike Lown Dewy cobweb 18
Paul Matthews Orangetips mating-2 18
Jackie Robinson Springtime mists 18
Alan Saunders White Tailed Sea Eagle 18
Richard Scaife Eastbourne Pier 18
Jon Allanson Red Squirrel #1 17
Annette Hockney cat in a box 17
June Lown Iguana 17
Geoff Robinson Perch Rock Lighthouse 17
Jon Allanson Going for the Ball 16
Jon Allanson Its Good to be with Dad 16
Agnes Barlow Thumbs up 16
Jonathan Bawden Columbian Ground Squirrel 16
Jonathan Bawden Small Skipper on Knapweed 16
Roy Cheetham Reflections 16
Yvonne St.Cyr Adult Grey Heron Resting in Tree 16
Yvonne St.Cyr Take off 16
Roger Dye Sex in the long grass 16
Rob Hockney Aclean take 16
Danny Hurley Baboon Breakfast 16
Paula Martin Gannet 16
Paula Martin Guillemot in flight 16
Keith Meredith Fisherman at Sunset 16
Noel Patterson Up and Over 16
Dorothy Redford Girl with tattoo 16
Tony Redford Your Move 16
Dorothy Redford Looking Out 16
Geoff Robinson Vintage Speedsters 16
Trevor Rogers Chee Dale Cottages 16
Aamir Sabzwari The bride 16
Alan Saunders Otter with Catch 16
Richard Scaife The Winter Tree 16
Dave Shandley Blue Chrysanthemum 1050 16
Joyce Streets Red Kite 16
Joyce Streets Red Squirrel 1 16
Brian Turnbull Dawn at Sea 16
Brian Turnbull First Light 16
Brian Turnbull Industrial Landscape 16
Agnes Barlow Shadows 15
Christine Bedwin Beautiful golden Y 15
Christine Bedwin Engine Driver and his Mate (2) 15
Christine Bedwin Red Grouse 15
Tony Berry Delf Canal 15
Roy Cheetham Nakita 1 15
John Garner Against the Clock 15
John Gauld Helen 15
Lynda Hockin lost 15
Annette Hockney snow leopard 15
Rob Hockney Don’t try this at home 15
Danny Hurley Malice in the Woods 15
Mike Lown Goyt Valley Sunset 15
June Lown Black Clough pool 15
Paula Martin Shag 15
Noel Patterson Black Bear 15
Colin Pickles march past 15
Colin Pickles on the platform 15
Dorothy Redford Chasing 15
Tony Redford So How’s Your Lunch 15
Trevor Rogers May Blossom 15
Aamir Sabzwari Last tram to Manchester 15
Alan Saunders Gannet Landing 15
Joyce Streets Heading for a Try 15
Agnes Barlow Raindrops on Clematis 14
Jonathan Bawden Mount Sinopah 14
Roy Cheetham On The water Front 14
Roger Dye Jumping Dolphins 14
John Garner Ronda Spain 14
John Gauld Holly the sheep 14
John Gauld Waiting for the tide 14
Dave Hockin Lee 14
Lynda Hockin missing you 14
Lynda Hockin why do they do that 14
Dave Hockin Rushing 14
Rob Hockney Win Hill from Derwent Edge 14
Graham Johnston Gannet 14
June Lown Abandoned Lighthouse 14
Mike Lown Shipwrecked 14
Paul Matthews Watervole feeding-3 14
Keith Meredith Penmon Lighthouse 14
Keith Meredith The Halfway Hut 14
Noel Patterson Denali Wilderness in Autumn 14
Colin Pickles 80080 at elr 14
Geoff Robinson Penmon Point 14
Jackie Robinson The tree 14
Trevor Rogers “Lantern Parade 14
Bernard Rowlands Alpine Holiday 14
Bernard Rowlands Chester Cathedral 14
Richard Scaife The Card Game 14
Julie Shoesmith Templar village 14
Dave Hockin Perch Rock Lighthouse 13
Bernard Rowlands Salford Keys at Night 13
Aamir Sabzwari Shelter 13
Dave Shandley Autumn lilies 1050 13
Dave Shandley Clematis1050 13
Tony Berry Maria 12
Tony Berry Storm at Lindisfarnw 12
Tony Redford Mark Cavendish 12
Julie Shoesmith Blue dragonfly 12
Julie Shoesmith View of Nez Perce creek 12