The objective of North Cheshire Photographic Society is to promote and further interest in photography in the North Cheshire area, by the organisation of meetings, lectures, demonstrations, exhibitions and competitions.

Officers of the Society and Society Committee

The officers of the Society shall be:

  • President;
  • President-Elect;
  • Immediate Past President;
  • Secretary;
  • Treasurer;
  • Syllabus secretary;
  • Exhibition secretary;
  • Competition secretary;
  • Publicity secretary;
  • Membership secretary;
  • Equipment secretary;
  • Webmaster;
  • Selection committee chairperson.

These persons plus up to four members without portfolio will comprise the Society Committee.

These officers will be elected at the AGM.

The President will serve a maximum term of two years.

The President, Secretary and Treasurer must be different people, but with this proviso any officer of the Society may hold two or more committee positions.

The Society may operate with fewer officers provided that there is always a minimum of President, Secretary, Treasurer and two others.

Society Committee meetings

The Society committee will manage the day-to-day affairs of the society taking whatever decisions are necessary provided always that all such decisions are in accordance with this Constitution.

It will meet as necessary on a regular basis.

The quorum for a committee meeting shall be a majority of the individuals elected.

The Secretary shall record minutes of all business conducted at committee meetings.

Minutes must be approved as a true and accurate record.

The committee will make decisions by simple majority vote.

In the event of a tie the President will have casting vote.

The committee will have the right to form sub-committees, and to co-opt onto sub-committees any member of the society they consider suitable.

Sub-committees shall report on a regular basis to the full committee and at least once a quarter.


There will be four categories of membership:

  • Junior;
  • Ordinary;
  • Honorary Life;
  • Online

Junior membership will be open to those under the age of 18, or engaged in full-time education.

Ordinary membership is open to all individuals not eligible for other categories.

Honorary Life membership may be awarded to members for distinguished service to the Society or to photography.

Membership is open to anyone in agreement with the objective of the Society.

Online members can attend online meetings, pay guest rates for in person meetings and enter all competitions.

In addition to membership the Society recognises Friends of NCPS. Friends do not have the rights of members and may neither participate in competitions nor vote at the AGM.

The committee retains the right to refuse or terminate membership.


Meetings will be held every Tuesday evening from September to May at the Civic Hall, Poynton, or at any other times and venues arranged by the committee.

Annual General Meetings (AGM)

The Society will hold an AGM each year within four weeks of the end of the Society’s financial year.

Motions for debate at the AGM must be proposed and seconded by fully paid-up members of the society and submitted to the Secretary at least 14 days before the AGM.

The Agenda for the AGM or EGM must be available to members at least 7 days before the meeting.

The quorum for an AGM will be one quarter of the fully paid-up membership.

All decisions will be reached by a simple majority vote.

In the event of a tie the President will have a casting vote.

Elections and Nominations

Nominations for officers and members of the committee must be proposed and seconded by fully paid-up members of the society and should be handed to the Secretary at least 48 hours before the AGM.

Election will be by simple majority vote.

Casual vacancies on the Society committee may be filled by co-option from the fully paid-up membership at any time at the committee’s discretion.


The financial year of the Society will extend from1st May to the 31st April of the following year.

Society accounts will be presented for approval on an annual basis at the AGM.

An independent authority appointed at the AGM will verify the accounts.

Subscription rates for each category of membership will be recommended annually by the committee and determined by vote at the AGM.

Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)

An EGM may be called at any time by the committee or by the committee on receipt of a written request signed by fourteen fully paid-up members of the Society.

Changes to the Constitution of the Society

Changes to the Constitution may be made by simple majority vote at the AGM or at an EGM provided that motions for such changes have been duly proposed and seconded by fully paid-up members of the Society and in the case of an EGM such motions have been submitted in writing to the Secretary and the membership notified of the date of the EGM at least 28 days in advance.

Closure of the Society

In the event that the members decide to cease meeting together as a Society for whatever reason an EGM shall be called to discuss the motion “to discuss the disposal of the society’s assets”.

Exhibition and Competition Rules

The Society will hold Club worker competitions and an Annual Exhibition for its members as well as the annual North Cheshire Challenges for invited photographic clubs.

Separate sets of rules will be provided by the Committee for the conduct of competitions, the Exhibition and North Cheshire Challenges.

Selection Committee and External Inter-Club Competitions

The Society may enter into competitions with other clubs as proscribed by the Committee.

The responsibility for selection of suitable entries for such competitions shall lie with a Selection Committee.

The Selection committee shall consist of a chairperson who is duly proposed, seconded and elected by vote at the AGM, together with as many other members of the Society as the chairperson may choose.

Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy

The Society accepts children and vulnerable adults at its meetings and functions only when in the care of a responsible adult.

A copy of the Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy is available on the website.

Data Protection Policy

The society conducts its business in compliance with the latest Enlish regulations relating to the holding and use of personal information.

A copy of the Data Protection Policy is available on the website.

Last updated 9th May 2023