Rosalind Bramley:

Rosalind was a well known and respected photographer who died in 1996. She was an excellent monochrome worker with a “seeing eye” that she used to produce impressive images from the shapes and shadows she saw in her surroundings.

John, her husband, asked the club to arrange an Annual Pictorial Monochrome Print Competition in her memory and donated a Cup to be presented to the winner. He wanted the club members to choose the best image


­NCPS Rules for the Rosalind Bramley Pictorial Monochrome Print Competition

Only paid-up members of NCPS may enter the Rosalind Bramley competition.
Authors may submit up to a maximum of three images which must have been made in the last 24 months.
Only monochrome images are allowed.
Subject to the above images may be of any subject matter and processed however the author chooses.
The organisers reserve the right to disqualify any image considered to be offensive.
Images which have been submitted previously or those judged to be so similar as to be indistinguishable to the organisers are ineligible.
The making and processing of images must be performed only by the author.
Images may not incorporate third party art or other elements e.g. textures and skies downloaded from the web.
Prints may be printed by the author or by third parties. In the event of the latter the author is responsible for adjustment of images to the appropriate printer profiles etc..Third party work must be limited to the actual printing of the finished image.
Prints may be of any size and shape, including tryptichs, but must be mounted on board 500mm x 400mm.
Prints may be mounted according to the author’s preference but must not risk damaging other prints with surface glue. Any such prints will be disqualified by the organisers.
Prints should be clearly labelled in the top right hand corner when viewed from the back with the title of the work and the author’s competition number.
Prints must not bear the author’s name.
The entry will be judged on the night by the members present
The method of judging is not prescribed by these rules.
The submission date for images and the entry method will be communicated each year to members by the committee.

Last revised: 10th November 2017