Joining NCPS or renewing your subscription – 2019-20 Season

Membership application

All we want is a filled-in application form and your money! (Cheques are made out to North Cheshire P.S.)

Our membership secretary normally has application forms available, but you can also download one below. It helps if you fill it in before printing it, unless your handwriting is perfect, because our reading isn’t perfect. You will then be given a unique “competition number” to be used when entering competitions.



(The categories of membership are described in the Constitution).

  • Ordinary Member £25.00
  • Junior Member (see Child Protection Policy) £15.00
  • Discounted rates £10 for members joining after 1st January.

Entrance charge

  • Members (except where the syllabus indicates otherwise) £2.00
  • Entrance charge, visitors, all meetings (except where the syllabus indicates otherwise) £5.00
  • Entrance charge (Includes refreshments).