NCPS Club Worker Competition Rules from Season 2023/24

NCPS runs a number (currently 3) Club Worker Print and Club Worker PDI competitions each season.

Only paid-up members of NCPS may enter Club worker competitions.

All Club worker competitions are judged by an external judge appointed by the committee.

Authors may submit up to a maximum of four images per competition. The fourth choice image should be clearly marked as such.

In the event that the total number of images submitted exceeds the capacity of the judge to comment on them all (typically in excess of 80 or 90) the organisers will delete all fourth images. These may be resubmitted at a later date.

Images in all Club worker competitions are marked out of 20.

The marks for each author’s two highest soring images are recorded to the PDI worker ladder or the Print worker ladder and to the overall Club worker ladder and at the end of the season a trophy is awarded to the winner of each.

Only images which have not previously been entered into any previous NCPS Club worker competition may be submitted. Images which are so similar to a previously entered image as to be indistinguishable to the organisers are also ineligible. Decisions as to eligibility will be made by the Internal Competition Secretary whose decision is final.

All Club worker competitions are fully open competitions meaning that images may be of any subject matter and processed however the author chooses. Whist NCPS supports the traditional right of artists to challenge social and moral standards images which are held to be grossly offensive to the majority of people will be disqualified. In this context fine art nudes are perfectly acceptable; pornography is not. Please seek help if you do not know the difference!

The making and processing of images must be performed only by the author.

Images may not incorporate third party art or other elements e.g. textures and skies downloaded from the web.


Rules for PDI Competitions

All images must be submitted as jpg files

Maximum quality will be achieved by resizing to 1600 x 1200, but Dycentra will handle anything as long as it isn’t wider or taller or both. No need for an extending canvas and filling with black.

Images will be projected in sRGB colour space and it is thus recommended that the colour space of the images be set to sRGB.

Resolution and other settings are irrelevant.

Images must be given a title of the authors choosing

Images must be submitted via the on-line NCPS Uploader which requires the author’s name and competition number

Submission dates will be advised by the organisers and will generally be one or two weeks in advance of the competition.


Rules for Print competitions

Prints may be printed by the author or by third parties. In the event of the latter the author is responsible for adjustment of images to the appropriate printer profiles etc..Third party work must be limited to the actual printing of the finished image.

Prints may be of any size and shape, including tryptichs, but must be mounted on board 500mm x 400mm.

Prints may be mounted according to the author’s preference but must not risk damaging other prints with surface glue. Any such prints will be disqualified by the organisers.

Prints should be clearly labelled in the top right hand corner when viewed from the back with the title of the work and the author’s competition number.

Prints must not bear the author’s name.

Submission of entries into club worker print competitions is in two parts:

Mounted prints must be placed into the box provided by the organisers for this purpose on the specified date(s)

Each print must be accompanied by a PDI file of the image submitted via the NCPS Uploader.

Accompanying PDI files must be prepared and submitted identically to those for PDI competitions.