18th January 2022 – Judge Adrian Lines



Worker Title Score
Jackie Robinson The red roof 20 – Winner
Jackie Robinson Can I tell you a story 20
Karen Smith Boys with tyre, Malawi 20
Justin Garner Ayisha 20
Justin Garner Thornsett Wood 20
Aamir Sabzwari Dramatic Jump 19
Martin Pickles Street Portrait – VA – Take Two Girls 19
Ean Davies Storm Arwen waves 19
Andrew Whettam Beyond The Barricade 18
Aamir Sabzwari Gyrfalcon with food provision 18
David Boam The Caretakers Son 18
Aamir Sabzwari Kestrel with rodent 17
Ann Stewart Contemplation 17
Bruce Kendrick Goldfinches 17
Jackie Robinson Queen Bea 17
Karen Smith Cockerel casserole 17
David Boam Ministry of Love 17
Annette Hockney The Girl in the Blue Dress 17
Justin Garner Dunlin 17
Karen Smith Farmer, Malawi 17
Annette Hockney The Pious Man 17
Paula Martin Robin 17
Jackie Robinson Were going on an adventure 17
Karen Smith New Year in Lalibela 17
Martin Pickles Street Portrait – Brixton Market Cool Dude 17
Ann Stewart Was that just a dream 17
Bruce Kendrick Two Ringlets 17
Noel Patterson Red Squirrel on ice 17
Simeon Briggs Winter Dawn at Brathay 17
David Boam Cursed Earth 16
Paula Martin Grey seal pup Norfolk 16
Simeon Briggs Dawn from Whitby Pier 16
Rob Hockney Autumn beech 16
Graham Husbands Lock 92 at Dawn 16
Bruce Kendrick Otters – mother and pup 16
Paula Martin Gull with catch 16
Simeon Briggs In for a trim 16
Rob Hockney Autumn Gold 16
Christopher Green Running man 16
David Boam Path to Inversion 16
Ean Davies Storm Arwen spray 16
Andrew Whettam Roker Dreamscape 16
Ann Stewart The Kelpies 16
Bruce Kendrick Seal Pup 16
Noel Patterson Gymnast on the balance beam 16
Simeon Briggs Whitby Sunrise 16
Rob Hockney Struggling for the line 16
John Depares Moo 16
Andrew Whettam There May Be Trouble Ahead 16
Rob Hockney Watched 16
Justin Garner Ariel Square Four 15
Martin Pickles Black on Black 15
Ean Davies Nidderdale Barn 15
Andrew Whettam Backlit 15
Annette Hockney Scottish Lake Reflections 15
Noel Patterson Farmyard dog longs to be out 15
Christopher Green Lakeside trail 15
John Depares Edensor 15
Jon Allanson Bald Eagle Portrait 15
Andrew Huggett The Ridge 15
Martin Pickles Maltby St Market -Selfies 15
Ean Davies Nidderdale Trees 15
Ann Stewart OK Hand it over 15
Noel Patterson Feeling Blue 15
Graham Husbands Portrait Graham Currey 15
John Depares Midnight and all is well 15
Jon Allanson Black tailed Godwit landing 15
Aamir Sabzwari Fighting for Possession 15
Christopher Green Wild moorland tree 15
Jon Allanson Blease Fell from Castlerigg 15
Paula Martin Whooper swans 15
Christopher Green Woodland stroll 15
Jon Allanson Derwentwater Fence 15