29th June 2021 – Judges Jon Allanson, Rob Hockney and Noel Patterson

The second of some fun competitions to encourage people to try new things and to keep us all motivated over what we used to call the summer recess.

The theme is ‘Song Titles’.


Worker Title Score
Ean Davies I’m Still Standing 20
Bruce Kendrick Green Onions 19
Ean Davies And your bird can sing 19
ann stewart Wild Horses 18
ann stewart Follow the yellow brick road 18
Annette Hockney Candle in the Wind by Elton John 18
aamir sabzwari Having fun 18
aamir sabzwari Lady in red 18
aamir sabzwari Don’t look behind you 18
aamir sabzwari Go to bed, Sleepy head 18
Bruce Kendrick The Cuckoo (Old English Folk Song) 17
John Maltby Riders of the Storm 17
Ean Davies Forever Autumn 17
Christopher Green Stranger on the shore 16
Christopher Green Rock around the clock 16
Christopher Green Another brick in the wall 16
Christopher Green Down by the riverside 4th image 16
ann stewart Bridge Over Troubled Water 16
Annette Hockney Blue Eyes by Elton John 16
John Maltby The Elusive Butterfly of Love (4) 16
John Depares Harbour 16
John Depares The Carnival is Over 16
Ean Davies The long and winding road 16
Bruce Kendrick Lady in Red 15
Bruce Kendrick Another Brick in the Wall 15
ann stewart The green green grass of home (4th) 15
John Maltby The Only Way Is Up 15
John Depares Autumn Leaves 15
John Maltby From A Distance 14