29th March 2022 – Judge: Mike Lawrence


Worker Title Score
Jackie Robinson Tea for two 20 Winner
Jackie Robinson A Winter Tableau 19
Annette Hockney Lion Cubs at Play 19
Andrew Whettam Lakeland Tranquillity 19
David Boam Alphaville 18
Jackie Robinson Herring Gull with Guillemot chick 18
Martin Pickles Candid – Student in the pub 18
Bruce Kendrick Brown Brown Hare on a disused runway 18
Jackie Robinson Spring cleaning 18
Martin Pickles Scratching Heron 18
Mike Thornton Gairlochy Woods 17
Noel Patterson Bedraggled Hare 17
Aamir Sabzwari Hoping for the best 17
Mike Thornton The Nuba Survival 17
David Boam The Printer 17
Aamir Sabzwari Portrait of a white Gyrfalcon 17
Noel Patterson Swansong flight 17
Martin Pickles Bleeding Hearts – Dicenta 16
Andrew Whettam Castle of Dream Clouds 16
Bruce Kendrick Black-tailed Godwit 16
Andrew Whettam First Light on Skye 16
Annette Hockney My Grandfathers Saviour 16
David Boam Hes comin we gotta run 16
Mike Thornton The Railwayman 16
Jon Allanson Line of Trees 16
Andrew Whettam Winter at the Lake 16
Jon Allanson The Pines at Buttermere 16
Jon Allanson Bald Eagle Portrait 15
David Boam Dawn along the Thames 15
Aamir Sabzwari Mr Bojangles 15
Noel Patterson Swan love 15
John Depares Johnnie 14
Jon Allanson Cala Lily Circle 14
Bruce Kendrick Wrecks 14
Graham Husbands Towers 13
Martin Pickles Hot Work 13
Aamir Sabzwari Full thrust 12
Noel Patterson Drake Wigeon takes flight 12