19th January 2021Judge: Nick Berentzen (South Manchester PS)


Worker Title Score
Aamir Sabzwari Grebes getting ready to feed Juvenile 20 Winner
Aamir Sabzwari Competing behind closed doors 20
Aamir Sabzwari Lunging for the ball 20
Aamir Sabzwari Starlings squabble 20
Noel Patterson Gymnastic leap 20
Andrew Whettam Wastwater Lake 19
Annette Hockney Bluebells 19
David Boam City on the edge of forever 19
Rob Hockney Emperor penguins – South Georgia 19
Bruce Kendrick Red Squirrel 18
David Boam Kelcee 18
Jon Allanson Gazania Stars 18
Jon Allanson Little Owl 18
Noel Patterson Nuthatch feeding 18
Rob Hockney Elephant seal with pup 18
Simeon Briggs The Thames 18
Andrew Whettam Across Loch Fada 17
Andrew Whettam Calm at Kelly Hall Tarn 17
Annette Hockney The Forbidden Book 17
Bruce Kendrick Wild Juvenile Peregrine 17
Christopher Green Snowy pasture 17
Ean Davies Snow deer, what can the matter be 17
Jon Allanson Rose 17
Jon Allanson Tree on Back Tor 17
Noel Patterson Red Squirrel 17
Noel Patterson Tiger Nest monastery Bhutan 17
Rob Hockney Dolphin racing in the Sea of Cortez 17
Aidan Rhode Dancing Tree 16
Andrew Huggett Tuscan sunset 16
Ann Stewart Another Place 16
Ann Stewart Misty Morning 16
Annette Hockney Long Eared Owl Defending Prey 16
Annette Hockney Strike a Pose 16
David Boam Canary wharf to heron quays 16
David Boam Escape velocity 16
Ean Davies Magpie Mine sunset 16
Jerry Niman Web in a Fence 16
John Depares His First Christmas 16
John Depares Tricolor 16
Julie Shoesmith A Wintry Scene 16
Rob Hockney Hamamelis 16
Simeon Briggs Boats on the Dee 16
Simeon Briggs Scratching an itch 16
Simeon Briggs Winter in Woodford 16
Andrew Huggett Cotton grass sunset 15
Andrew Huggett Eastbourne Pier 15
Andrew Huggett Parliament house, Valletta 15
Andrew Whettam Lakeland Light 15
Ann Stewart Promenading 15
Bruce Kendrick Going Nowhere 15
Christopher Green Finnish hunting dog 15
Ean Davies Lyme Parky 15
Jerry Niman Above Lyme park 15
Jerry Niman Cold Hydrangea 15
John Depares Ribadouro 15
John Maltby Fleet Forest 15
Julie Shoesmith Misty Woodland 15
Julie Shoesmith Snowy hillside 15
Aidan Rhode Frozen Solid – Burbage Edge 14
Aidan Rhode Needles – Macc Forest 14
Ann Stewart Lockdown Boredom 14
Bernard Rowlands Winter Morning 14
Bruce Kendrick Wild Black Vulture 14
Christopher Green High Force Waterfall 14
Christopher Green Nearly there 14
Ean Davies Snow me the way to go home 14
Jerry Niman Web on Blue 14
John Maltby Mirrored Loch 14
John Maltby Reddish Vale 14
Julie Shoesmith The Mary Ann 14
Aidan Rhode Icy Drystone Wall 13
John Depares Old Valletta Street 13