25th May 2021 – Judges Jon Allanson, Rob Hockney and Noel Patterson

The first of some fun competitions to encourage people to try new things and to keep us all motivated over what we used to call the summer recess.

The theme is ‘Light’.

Worker Title Score
Andrew Whettam Eskdale Light 20
Andrew Huggett Snow on Kerridge Ridge 19
aamir sabzwari Early morning autumn light at the lake 19
aamir sabzwari Dramatic sky over media city 19
Annette Hockney Crepuscular Rays in Africa 18
John Maltby Light through Lensball 18
Andrew Huggett White Nancy sunset 18
Bruce Kendrick Sunrise at Pen Cristen Bardsey Island 18
Andrew Whettam Light at Poynton Pool 18
David Boam A Night on the Canal 18
Ean Davies Foggy Dawn, Macclesfield Forest 18
aamir sabzwari Southport Pier at sunset 18
Annette Hockney Refraction 17
ann stewart Light squiggles 17
John Depares Tree of Light 17
Danny Hurley heart shaped 17
David Boam Tower Bridge 17
David Boam Path to Inversion 17
aamir sabzwari St Marys’s shell 17
Annette Hockney Last Light 16
Christopher Green Back street in a Gritstone village 16
ann stewart The end of the tunnel 16
John Depares Light fantastic 16
Andrew Huggett Towards Manchester at dawn 16
Andrew Whettam Light at the Storr 16
ann stewart The square lit up at night 16
David Boam Southwest Sundown 16
Christopher Green Street fog 15
Christopher Green Casting a shadow 15
Annette Hockney Bethany in Natural Light 15
Bruce Kendrick Refracted Light (house) 15
John Depares The last swim of the day 15
Danny Hurley Ribbons 15
Danny Hurley Christmas Tree 15
Andrew Huggett Leading lines sunset 15
Bruce Kendrick Tripod Trail, Luskentyre, Isle of Harris 15
Bruce Kendrick Sunset at Uig, Isle of Lewis 15
Andrew Whettam Elgol Light 15
Bernard Rowlands Light and the land 15
Ean Davies Sunset swan 15
Ean Davies Cars in motion 15
Ean Davies Magpie Mine sunset 15
Christopher Green Cenotaph and lights of Manchester 14
ann stewart Sunlight across the river 14
John Maltby Crosby Light 14
John Maltby Light REflection 14
John Depares Southsea Sails 14
Danny Hurley Catch the 406 14
Bernard Rowlands Lyme Light 14