16th November 2021 – Judge Graham Curry


Worker Title Score
Jackie Robinson Neglected 20 Winner
David Boam Breaking up the party 20
Justin Garner M Jay 20
Jackie Robinson Shag family 20
Aamir Sabzwari The discovery 20
Andrew Whettam St Marys Lighthouse 20
Jackie Robinson Delicate – a long exposure of autumn mist 20
Aamir Sabzwari Getting ready to smash 20
Andrew Whettam Windermere Morning 20
Paula Martin King Penguin 20
Jackie Robinson The little bird feeder 20
Aamir Sabzwari Starlings in physical contact 20
Annette Hockney Thou Shalt Not Pass 20
Annette Hockney Seeking Inspiration 19
Noel Patterson Osprey Success 19
Justin Garner Winnats Pass 19
David Boam Total Abandonment 19
Justin Garner Tangerine Dream 19
Justin Garner White Necked-Jacobin 19
Jon Allanson Female Redstart with grubs 18
Rob Hockney Aerial combat 18
Bruce Kendrick Bonellis Eagle 18
Paula Martin Great Crested Tits snowy landing 18
Annette Hockney The First Timer 18
Paula Martin Magellenic Snipe in Sorrel 18
Noel Patterson Wet Red Squirrel 18
Annette Hockney Alone in the Crowd 18
Bruce Kendrick Pinkfoot Landing 18
Noel Patterson Raceday Mud flies 18
Andrew Whettam Winter Wonderland 18
Bruce Kendrick Family of Swallows 18
Noel Patterson Double Hit 18
Andrew Whettam Scottish Moonlit Wilderness 18
Martin Pickles Roses in the churchyard 17
Jon Allanson Lindisfarne Castle 17
David Boam Lord of Time 17
Rob Hockney Fur seal – the business end 17
Graham Husbands A New Dawn 17
Martin Pickles Fun time feeding the Pigeons 17
Rob Hockney Autumn Gold 17
Joyce Streets Bee Eaters 17
Aamir Sabzwari Returning the serve 17
Joyce Streets Griffin Vulcher 17
Graham Husbands The Jazz Player 16
Ann Stewart Gulls wait patiently for the scraps 16
Joyce Streets Lesser Kestrels Mating 16
Bruce Kendrick Billy 16
Ann Stewart Having Fun 16
Joyce Streets Gannets 16
Jon Allanson Red Kite Swoop 16
Martin Pickles Wastwater Screes Boat House 16
Ann Stewart Its been a hard life 16
Jon Allanson Padley Brook 16
David Boam A night on the canal 16
Martin Pickles Wine tasting at the Market 15
Ann Stewart Evening Stroll 15