19th April 2020 – Judge: Erica Oram




Worker Title Score
David Boam All About the Bass 20 Winner
David Boam Jagged Edge 20
Jackie Robinson Old Dog New Tricks 20
Aamir Sabzwari Squabble Between Starlings 20
Aamir Sabzwari Duel 2 19
Annette Hockney The Proud Grandfather 19
Jackie Robinson The Little Horse whisperer 19
Aamir Sabzwari Nauti Buoy 18
Bruce Kendrick Mute Swan 18
Annette Hockney Peregrine Preparing Lunch 17
Noel Patterson Pommel Horse Tension 17
Jackie Robinson Chrome Contours 17
Bruce Kendrick Hare Scratching 17
David Boam Spine 17
Aamir Sabzwari Reminiscing 17
Jackie Robinson A Portrait of Life and Death in Nature 16
Bruce Kendrick Great Crested Grebes Mating 16
Graham Husbands Iron and Steel 16
Noel Patterson Red Squirrel on Bank of Frozen Pond 16
Graham Husbands Transport Heritage 16
David Boam Under Millenium Bridge 16
Bruce Kendrick Whooper Swan at dusk 16