Rosalind Bramley:

Rosalind was a well known and respected photographer who died in 1996. She was an excellent monochrome worker with a “seeing eye” that she used to produce impressive images from the shapes and shadows she saw in her surroundings.

John, her husband, asked the club to arrange an Annual Pictorial Monochrome Print Competition in her memory and donated a Cup to be presented to the winner. He wanted the club members to choose the best image. Rules for the competition are available here.

This season, the competition was on 7th February 2023.


There were five rounds:

  • Round 1 had 50 images shown and the audience each selected their 5 favourites;
  • In Round 2, there were 36 images;
  • Round 3 had 22 images;
  • 17 images made it to Round 4; and
  • The Final had six images for the members to select from.
1st place : Jackie Robinson with ‘Ephemeral’
2nd place: Joyce Streets with ‘Winter Walk’




Author Title Progression
Andrew Whettam The Old Breakwater Fourth Round
Andrew Whettam The Falls Fourth Round
Andrew Whettam The Minder – Mono Third Round
Andrew Whettam Rain Storm in the Mountains Second Round
Brian Turnbull Our man in Havana Second Round
Brian Turnbull Palms First Round
Brian Turnbull Back street First Round
Bruce Kendrick Peter First Round
Bruce Kendrick Glyn – artist First Round
Bruce Kendrick Calleler First Round
Bruce Kendrick Longnor First Round
Christopher Green Heading out Fourth Round
Christopher Green Spot the dog Second Round
Christopher Green Winter woodland Second Round
Christopher Green Whipped snow Second Round
David Boam All about the bass Final
David Boam beautifully brutal Fourth Round
David Boam happy valley Fourth Round
David Boam Starlet Second Round
Jackie Robinson Ephemeral Winner
Jackie Robinson Sheltering Final
Jackie Robinson Poynton Evening Fourth Round
Jackie Robinson Brooding Second Round
John Depares Making Waves Second Round
John Depares The Estuary at Borth Y Gest First Round
John Depares Reykjavik Harbour First Round
John Depares Reach for the Sky First Round
Jon Allanson Rhosydd Chapel Ruin Final
Jon Allanson Lone Tree Llyn Padern Third Round
Jon Allanson Wasdale Head Second Round
Jon Allanson Mr Chaplin Second Round
Joyce Streets Winter Walk Runner-Up
Joyce Streets Waterfall Second Round
Joyce Streets The Lighthouse First Round
Joyce Streets Pathway to the Sea First Round
Justin Garner Three Trees Final
Justin Garner Black Headed Gull Fourth Round
Justin Garner Sandlings Third Round
Justin Garner Enter The Drum Second Round
Martin Pickles Baker St Fourth Round
Martin Pickles Rode Hall Dandelions Third Round
Martin Pickles Skeletons First Round
Martin Pickles Formby First Round
Noel Patterson Storm brewing Fourth Round
Noel Patterson Isolated Icelandic Church Third Round
Noel Patterson Basketball net and shadow Second Round
Simeon Briggs Falls of Falloch Fourth Round
Simeon Briggs Whitby Dawn Fourth Round
Simeon Briggs River Affric Rapids Second Round
Simeon Briggs Flamborough at Dawn First Round