22nd September – Judge Brian Law
Title Author Score
Looking Out Jon Allanson 20 – Winner
Collecting the Mornings Alms Jon Allanson 16
Iguana Agnes Barlow 17
Little Brother Agnes Barlow 16
Chaffinch feeding young Christine Bedwin 17
Geum Christine Bedwin 17
Head On Richard Chandler 15
Slalom Richard Chandler 16
A Ride Sir 01 Roy Cheetham 15
contemplating his next climb 02 Roy Cheetham 15
1926 Fiat 509 SM Miglia Miglia John Garner 14
A Mermaids View John Garner 13
Finnish lake Chris Green 16
Woodland foxglove Chris Green 16
Dusk photography – Poynton Peter Hicks 13
The Hilton From Lyme Peter Hicks 14
Ardarnel the Angel of Autumn Annette Hockney 19
woodpecker and reflection Annette Hockney 15
Recalling the glory days Rob Hockney 19
Trouble at t mill Rob Hockney 16
Beach Ghost Danny Hurley 14
The Sun On Shore Danny Hurley 13
Gimme Shelter John Jurics 16
Potsdamer Platz John Jurics 13
Dent Station Roger Knight 17
Off Roading Roger Knight 13
Snow on Skiddaw June Lown 19
Leucistic – white – red kite June Lown 16
Children in the surf Mike Lown 15
Puffin with sand eels Mike Lown 14
Female kingfisher Paul Matthews 16
Great crested grebe with perch Paul Matthews 16
Elle Keith Meredith 13
Indian Bride Keith Meredith 17
Labrador Retrieving Pheasant Lisa Mullins 17
Snow Monkey Lisa Mullins 17
Support at the line out Noel Patterson 19
The chase Noel Patterson 18
Breaking Wave Colin Pickles 12
Rope and Chain Colin Pickles 15
Mans Best Friend Tony Redford 17
Yukink – Just lovin it Tony Redford 16
A Bygone Era Dorothy Redford 14
Bride at the Alter Dorothy Redford 16
1936 Riley Falcon Geoff Robinson 15
Tight Trio Geoff Robinson 15
Dawn Aamir Sabzwari 17
The Traveller Aamir Sabzwari 14
Grey Heron with Catch Alan Saunders 16
Osprey Fishing Alan Saunders 17
Central Dome Richard Scaife 17
The Perfect Day Richard Scaife 12
Balloons Julie Shoesmith 14
Poppy Julie Shoesmith 16
Fallow Deer in Autumn Woodland Yvonne StCyr 18
Great Crested Grebe with Nesting Material Yvonne StCyr 14
Barbary Macaque Joyce Streets 16
Jay 1 Joyce Streets 17