6th October – Judge Darrell Oakden
Title Author Score
Bar-tailed Godwit Jon Allanson 19
Kerala Schoolgirl with Book Jon Allanson 18
The Classroom Agnes Barlow 16
Palmyra Syria Agnes Barlow 14
Lindow Common Mike Barr 14
Night lights Mike Barr 14
Puffin Christine Bedwin 19
Bluebell Christine Bedwin 13
Alnwick Garden Cascade Bill Chadband 14
Humpty Dumpty Bill Chadband 13
Skimming Gannet Richard Chandler 18
Sunlit Tulip Richard Chandler 16
Lady Tremaine Roy Cheetham 15
Natasha Roy Cheetham 14
Beach Colour John Garner 16
Tour of Britain John Garner 15
Urban snowstorm Chris Green 16
You d better make sure I look cute Chris Green 16
Bench With A View Peter Hicks 17
Lyme From Knightslow Wood Peter Hicks 16
female red squirrel Annette Hockney 18
wild eurasian brown bearcub Annette Hockney 16
Staircase – Liverpool library Rob Hockney 18
One man s army Rob Hockney 16
on barrowed time John Jurics 16
lifecycle3 John Jurics 15
Monsal Dale Roger Knight 17
Mountain Biker Roger Knight 15
White Tailed Sea Eagle June Lown 18
Chichen Itza Temple Market June Lown 15
Red Kite Mike Lown 19
Through the keyhole Mike Lown 15
Juvenile greatcrested grebe Paul Matthews 19
Redshank attacking rival Paul Matthews 19
Coastal Cottage Keith Meredith 17
Sunset on the Bay Keith Meredith 15
The Gun Shot Lisa Mullins 18
Elle Lisa Mullins 17
All eyes on the ball Noel Patterson 20 – Winner
Downhill racer Noel Patterson 18
Smoke Colin Pickles 17
Sea King Rescue Colin Pickles 15
Horse in the Wilderness Dorothy Redford 20
Blue Boats Dorothy Redford 19
Second Hand Catch Tony Redford 16
Job Done Tony Redford 15
Kawasaki Racer Geoff Robinson 17
Sorrow Geoff Robinson 16
Mary s shell1 Aamir Sabzwari 19
The Kiss1 Aamir Sabzwari 15
The Enchanted Forest Richard Scaife 15
The Shotton Shed Richard Scaife 15
Tunnel vision Julie Shoesmith 17
Autumn Jewels Julie Shoesmith 15
Canada Geese Mating Yvonne StCyr 20
Red Grouse Calling Yvonne StCyr 18
Pheasant Joyce Streets 17
Raging Sea Joyce Streets 16