6th November – Judge Tremaine Cornish
Title Author Score
Cwm Orthin Chapel Jon Allanson 17
Black winged stilt Jon Allanson 17
Schoolgirl with book Jon Allanson 16
Piri-piri overdose Mike Barr 16
Dr Death Mike Barr 14
Tracks of the Industrial Revolution Mike Barr 12
Goshawk on prey Christine Bedwin 17
Sqirrel Christine Bedwin 17
Tawney Owl Christine Bedwin 17
Jodie Colin Caygill 17
Stormy Night Colin Caygill 15
The Gambler Colin Caygill 14
Clare Roy Cheetham 16
Katie Roy Cheetham 14
Reflection Roy Cheetham 12
Mother and Child’- Roskilde Cathedral, Denmark John Garner 17
Rush-hour Bologna John Garner 15
Winding down Christopher Green 15
Hope Valley dawn Christopher Green 14
Spiral Christopher Green 14
Scottish Horsetails Annette Hockney 18
Serenity Annette Hockney 18
Hydrangaes Annette Hockney 17
First Light-The Arctic Peninsular Rob Hockney 20 – Winner
Red Squirrel study 1 Rob Hockney 20
Glory Days Rob Hockney 16
Rasta Danny Hurley 17
Canary Shouldered Thorn Danny Hurley 15
Reichstag dome John Jurics 17
Shoestring John Jurics 16
Red for a reason John Jurics 14
Penmon Lighthouse June Lown 19
Grebe with chick June Lown 15
Ashness Bridge looking to Skiddaw June Lown 15
Long drive to the beach Michael Lown 19
Gannet preening Michael Lown 16
Mallard landing Michael Lown 12
Gannet Paula Martin 19
Lofoten Fjord Paula Martin 17
Snowstorm Paula Martin 15
Misty sunrise at Winnats Pass Keith Meredith 19
Church Bay sunset Keith Meredith 17
Langdale hills Keith Meredith 15
Determination Lisa Mullins 19
Arctic Tern Lisa Mullins 17
Red deer stag in snow storm Lisa Mullins 17
A basket for the London Lions Noel Patterson 17
All eyes on the drift racing Noel Patterson 17
At full stretch-Taekwando Noel Patterson 16
Smoke trails Colin Pickles 16
Conducting Colin Pickles 16
Low tide Colin Pickles 13
Fly past Dorothy Redford 17
Performance Dorothy Redford 16
Cathedral verger Dorothy Redford 16
Beach huts Tony Redford 17
Diesel departure Tony Redford 16
Twin attraction Tony Redford 15
Aloof Geoff Robinson 19
MG Belle Vue Special Geoff Robinson 17
Spitfire Pilot Geoff Robinson 17
The house on the hill Jackie Robinson 17
Ghostly sentinel Jackie Robinson 17
Moorland morning Jackie Robinson 17
Sunset over Blakeney Harbour Trevor Rogers 16
Mannington Manor, Norfolk Trevor Rogers 15
Sunset at Mary’s Shell Aamir Sabzwari 18
Rapeseed field Aamir Sabzwari 17
Osprey fishing Alan Saunders 19
Red deer stag Alan Saunders 17
Swan lake reflections Alan Saunders 16
Into the woods Julie Shoesmith 15
Water nymphs Julie Shoesmith 14
Daisy Julie Shoesmith 12
Streets of London Mike Thornton 20
Martian highway Mike Thornton 17
New day, new light, new life Mike Thornton 16