25th February – Judge Dave Butler

Jon Allanson St Peters, Newchurch 16
Jon Allanson Indian Thick-knee 17
Jon Allanson In the nursery 20 – WINNER
Mike Barr The ghost of Salford docks 14
Mike Barr November in Paris 15
Mike Barr Stuart 18
Christine Bedwin Baby owl 15
Christine Bedwin Shag on nest 16
Christine Bedwin Kestrel 18
Roy Cheetham Ashley 16
Roy Cheetham Melissa 16
Roy Cheetham Nicky 16
John Garner Boy in wonder 14
John Garner Street viewing 17
Christopher Green Walk of faith 15
Christopher Green Scottish bothy 16
Christopher Green Heading home 17
Annette Hockney Gentoo penguin scratching an itch 16
Annette Hockney Penquin playground 17
Annette Hockney Who are you looking at 17
Rob Hockney The Mill Owner 16
Rob Hockney Eurasian brown bear and cub in habitat 17
Rob Hockney Red squirrel study 2 18
John Jurics Open for business 15
John Jurics Sunset 15
John Jurics Thistle 16
June Lown Long Eared Owl 14
June Lown Padley Gorge 15
June Lown Cormorant 17
Mike Lown Icelandic iceberg 15
Mike Lown Eagle canyon Taurus Mountains 16
Mike Lown Little owl 18
Paula Martin Arctic Tern 17
Paula Martin Puffin landing 17
Paula Martin Seeking refuge 17
Keith Meredith Kimmeridge bay 16
Keith Meredith Early mist in the Hope valley 17
Keith Meredith Jurassic coast 18
Lisa Mullins Barn owl 16
Lisa Mullins Labrador retrieving duck 16
Lisa Mullins Wild sparrowhawk 17
Noel Patterson An eye for the ball 16
Noel Patterson Kicked back 18
Noel Patterson That is mine 18
Colin Pickles Autumn leaves 14
Colin Pickles Vulcan 15
Colin Pickles Vulcan with escort 16
Dorothy Redford The undertaker 16
Dorothy Redford Happy clown 18
Dorothy Redford City in the rain 20
Tony Redford Grouse in heather 17
Tony Redford Strange encounter 18
Tony Redford Marguerita 20
Geoff Robinson Drop dead 16
Geoff Robinson Ruins of St Kilda church, Skye 16
Geoff Robinson 1937 Austin 7 monoposto 17
Jackie Robinson The student 15
Jackie Robinson The committee 17
Jackie Robinson Japanese anemone 18
Aamir Sabzwari Rest 14
Aamir Sabzwari Kate 16
Aamir Sabzwari The boxer 19
Julie Shoesmith Prickly pear flowers 14
Julie Shoesmith Indian flower mantis 17
Julie Shoesmith Malaysian wood owl 18
Joyce Streets Tern 15
Joyce Streets The sea (an abstract) 16
Joyce Streets The Cross 20
Michael Thornton Deputy leader of the herd 16
Michael Thornton Tour de France stage 2 16
Michael Thornton Warming Down 16