12th April – Judge Colin Douglas
Author Title Score
Jon Allanson Enjoying His Noodles 16
Jon Allanson Looking For Her Friends 15
Jon Allanson U- Bein Bridge 16
Christine Bedwin Great Creasted Grebe 17
Christine Bedwin Red Deer 18
Christine Bedwin The Jump 17
Roy Cheetham Charlie 16
Roy Cheetham Princess Raye 16
Roy Cheetham Glencoe Lochan 17
John Garner Avro Vulcan Navigators View 16
John Garner Manchester Ship Canal River Irwell 15
John Garner Miglia Miglia 1929 Fiat 509 Sm 16
Katie Garner Seeing 17
Chris Green Ancient Byway 14
Chris Green Barley Field 15
Chris Green Poynton Pool 15
Annette Hockney On The Verge Of Madness 19
Annette Hockney Req Squirrel In The Snow 16
Annette Hockney Self Sacrifice 17
Rob Hockney Mountain Hare Compromised By Mild Weather 19
Rob Hockney Red Squirrel Eating Hazelnut 18
Rob Hockney Spindrift And Clouds – Elephant Island 17
John Jurics Archdeacons Pad 16
John Jurics Salford Dreaming 15
John Jurics The Quays 17
June Lown Gulls Taking Flight 15
June Lown Rock Pool 16
June Lown White Tailed Sea Eagle 18
Mike Lown Arctic Fox 18
Mike Lown Golden Eagle 18
Mike Lown Red Kite 1 17
Paula Martin Dalmation Pelican 19
Paula Martin Gannet With Grass 16
Paula Martin Puffin Portrait 17
Keith Meredith Silverdale Houses 16
Keith Meredith Sky Drama 15
Keith Meredith Coniston Landing Jetty 15
Lisa Mullins Great Crested Grebe Shaking 18
Lisa Mullins Gundog In The Making 20
Lisa Mullins Winter Surprise 20
Noel Patterson Arc Of The Diver 16
Noel Patterson Polo Frenzy 15
Noel Patterson Top Of The Lineout 18
Dorothy Redford Taking A Break 17
Dorothy Redford The Lighthouse Portland Bill 18
Dorothy Redford The Stare 16
Tony Redford Cat On Steps 15
Tony Redford Dog Walking In The Snow 20 – Winner
Tony Redford Teddy Appeal 17
Geoff Robinson Steam Punk Toff 19
Geoff Robinson Atonement 18
Geoff Robinson Steam Punk Smoker 15
Jackie Robinson Adria 18
Jackie Robinson Photographer At Back Tor 16
Jackie Robinson The Old Timers 17
Aamir Sabzwari Farewell 14
Aamir Sabzwari Trees In The Snow 16
Julie Shoesmith Jetty On Coniston Water 16
Julie Shoesmith Lakeland View 14
Julie Shoesmith View Over Blelham Tarn 16
Mike Thornton Mount Teide 18
Mike Thornton Cirlces 15
Mike Thornton Lydney Harbour 16