Judge Christine Widdall MPAGB

NCPS Print Competition Two 2018- 2019

Author Title Score Highest two
Aamir Sabzwari  A friendly warning 15
Aamir Sabzwari Beverley on the Slalom 18 35
Aamir Sabzwari Carvalho at the Manchester games 17
Aamir Sabzwari Juvenile Otter 17
Andrew Emmerson A puffin in the arctic 15
Andrew Emmerson Beautiful plumed moth with a 1cm wingspan 17 34
Andrew Emmerson Bridge across the vistula 17
Andrew Emmerson Squirrel on a tree 15
Ann Stewart Swan 14 14
Annette Hockney King Penguins 20 39
Annette Hockney Lilac-breasted Roller on Zebra 19
Annette Hockney Osprey with Fish 19
Annette Hockney Pantanal Jabiru Family 18
Chris Green Reservoir wall 13 29
Chris Green Sitting on the dock of the bay 16
James Emmerson Apollo Rocket 17 31
James Emmerson Bendy Pillars 14
James Emmerson Prickly Pear Scene 13
James Emmerson Rover’s Return 13
John Depares A long dry summer 16
John Depares Car Cemetery 17 33
john Depares Curvy 16
Jon Allanson A Mistake but I like it 16
Jon Allanson Happy Banana Seller 17
Jon Allanson Inside Phong Nha Cave 18 35
Jon Allanson San Giorgio, Gondolas and Lamp 16
Julie Shoesmith A trio of decayed beauty 16
Julie Shoesmith Goal! 17 34
Julie Shoesmith Mountain Hare in Heather 16
Julie Shoesmith Stone Tulips 17
Louise Pickford Castle Sinclair Girnigoe, Scotland 15 28
Louise Pickford Stag, Dunham Massey 13
Mike Thornton Misty reflections on a winter’s day 14
Mike Thornton Poe the hybrid owl 20 38
Mike Thornton St Chads church Rommiley 18
Noel Patterson Energetic impact 19 37
Noel Patterson Grace when the spinning stops 15
Noel Patterson Overlooked Grizzly Bear eats Salmon 17
Noel Patterson Vancouver Canucks 18
Paula Martin After the rain 17 37
Paula Martin Red Squirrel 16
Paula Martin Serious Stare 20
Paula Martin Wild King Vulture 16
Rob Hockney Harvest mouse triptych 17
Rob Hockney Love separated by bicycle 17
Rob Hockney Two chinstraps 20 37 Winner