11th March 2014 – Judge Dave Hollows

For each author, images are listed in priority order.

Title Author Score
Cattle Egret in Flight Jon Allanson 17
Early Morning, Kanha Jon Allanson 17
School’s Over Jon Allanson 15
Calm before the Storm Agnes Barlow 16
My Shadow Agnes Barlow 14
Yummy Agnes Barlow 16
Gemma Roy Cheetham 15
Less We Forget Roy Cheetham 14
waswater Roy Cheetham 17
Anguish 2 John Garner 13
It’s all for fun John Garner 16
Mam Tor John Garner 15
Dog Otter Rob Hockney 16
Enjoying a game of bowls Rob Hockney 14
Spirit Rob Hockney 16
In wet pursuit Danny Hurley 14
Intersect Danny Hurley 15
Reach for the sky Danny Hurley 14
Abbey Frank Hutchinson 16
lilly Frank Hutchinson 15
old tree Frank Hutchinson 14
Go! Go! Go! Graham Johnston 18
Great Tit in Flight Graham Johnston 20
Slipstream Graham Johnston 17
Dig the city Ken Jones 13
Pointing to the future Ken Jones 15
The connection Ken Jones 15
foxglove Paul Matthews 17
Grey seals play fighting Paul Matthews 19
Oystercatchers mating Paul Matthews 19
Between the Crags at Stanage Keith Meredith 16
Boats at Bull Bay Keith Meredith 14
Elterwater Keith Meredith 16
Concentration Lisa Mullins 17
Lest We Forget Lisa Mullins 16
Snow Drop Lisa Mullins 17
Breaking The Code of Silence Noel Patterson 15
Day tripping Noel Patterson 15
Lepord and catch Noel Patterson 14
Gannet in flight Barry Pearson 17
Nicko at Oulton Park Barry Pearson 15
Reflections in facade of New Street Station Barry Pearson 14
Left Behind Dorothy Redford 15
Millyard Encounter Dorothy Redford 15
Washday Blues Dorothy Redford 15
Elegance in Symmetry Tony Redford 16
Glenfinnan Rainbow Tony Redford 16
Old Bike New Bridge Tony Redford 16
Heading home Jackie Robinson 19
Quiet contemplation Jackie Robinson 19
The escape artist Jackie Robinson 20 Best
Banks of the Thames Trevor Rogers 14
Val d’Isere Trevor Rogers 15
Woodland Mist Trevor Rogers 15
A tale of two peppers Aamir Sabzwari 16
Mango Calla Lilly Aamir Sabzwari 18
Waiting for the tide Aamir Sabzwari 14
Bittern in Flight Alan Saunders 19
Waxwings Alan Saunders 16
White Tailed Sea Eagle Alan Saunders 17
Owler Tor Dave Shandley 17
Robin Hoods Bay Dave Shandley 17
Teggs Nose Dave Shandley 15
Avocet Yvonne St Cyr 16
Grey Heron Nesting Yvonne St Cyr 19
Stag Fallow Deer Scent Marking Yvonne St Cyr 17
Hiding in the Trees Joyce Streets 16
Red Squirrel Joyce Streets 17
Two Turtle Doves Joyce Streets 17
Deansgate Brian Turnbull 14
Misty Morning Brian Turnbull 13
Westminster Bridge Brian Turnbull 15