24th September – Judge Brian Lomas

For each author, prints are listed in priority order.

Title Author Score
Miss Marina Mae Jon Allanson 19
Lapwing Jon Allanson 18
Abandoned Boats Jon Allanson 17
Poverty Agnes Barlow 15
Indonesian Islands Agnes Barlow 14
For Sale Agnes Barlow 16
Getting Thin On Top Bill Chadband 16
Galadia Flower Bill Chadband 14
Shaggy Inkcap– Coprinus Comatus Bill Chadband 17
Keeping Warm Roy Cheetham 15
Blown Away Roy Cheetham 17
Nicola Roy Cheetham 14
Anguish John Garner 17
Call the AA John Garner 18
Poppies at the Forum John Garner 16
Cheetah With Cubs Rob Hockney 20
Futurescope Rob Hockney 19
New dawn mist over Elidir Fawr Rob Hockney 18
RGB and sea Danny Hurley 14
Tribal leader Danny Hurley 15
Boats astern Danny Hurley 14
Female Siskin Graham Johnston 19
Gannet Greeting Graham Johnston 20
Three in a Line Graham Johnston 17
First light, Venice Paula Martin 17
Evening light, Llanddwyn Paula Martin 19
Puffin with Sandeels Paula Martin 18
Aberdarron Sunset Keith Meredith 18
The Old Boathouse Keith Meredith 19
Girl with Flame Red Hair Keith Meredith 17
Young Labrador Lisa Mullins 19
Hydrangea Lisa Mullins 19
Come On! Noel Patterson 18
Pull! Noel Patterson 16
I’ll see you later Noel Patterson 18
I’m going to get wet! Barry Pearson 20 Best
Ellie showing us her tats Barry Pearson 17
Budget class Barry Pearson 19
The Guardian Colin Pickles 16
Shadows on Parade Colin Pickles 18
Retired Colin Pickles 16
The Fens Dorothy Redford 16
Cat Walk Models Dorothy Redford 18
Storm Clouds over Seattle Dorothy Redford 19
Literally Overfaced Tony Redford 18
Enchanted Glen Tony Redford 18
Cathedral Cat Tony Redford 16
The Count Geoff Robinson 17
Downhill Racer Geoff Robinson 20
Happy Steam Enthusiast Geoff Robinson 19
Sunflowers Jackie Robinson 19
Slovenian Mists Jackie Robinson 19
The Old Shed Jackie Robinson 17
Snow Storm Over Tunstead Clough Trevor Rogers 18
I Bough To Thee………. Trevor Rogers 17
White On Yellow Trevor Rogers 19
White Tailed Sea Eagle Alan Saunders 19
Grey Seal in Early Morning Sun Alan Saunders 19
Grey Seal Pup Alan Saunders 17
Time and Tide David Shandley 19
Canal Side Industry David Shandley 15
The Island David Shandley 20
She will come….. Mike Thornton 16
Aber Falls Mike Thornton 18
Melrose Abbey Mike Thornton 16