26th November – Judge Jane Lines

For each author, prints are listed in priority order.

Title Author Score
Thai Girl Jon Allanson 18
Old Boats in the Mist Jon Allanson 18
Whimbrel Jon Allanson 16
Last Light Agnes Barlow 16
Icy Waters Agnes Barlow 17
Morning Prayer Agnes Barlow 17
Nakita Roy Cheetham 17
Charlie Roy Cheetham 17
Nicola Roy Cheetham 17
Morgan Aero V8 John Garner 16
Tonado A1, Ready to Go John Garner 15
Watch with Mother Rob Hockney 20
Streetfighter Rob Hockney 17
Storm coming in – Derwent Edge Rob Hockney 18
Leopard Descending Danny Hurley 17
Dry Season Danny Hurley 16
So, no oranges then! Danny Hurley 16
Razorbill Graham Johnston 17
Greylag Graham Johnston 17
Greenfinch Graham Johnston 18
Wastwater and Mountain Mist Keith Meredith 16
View Towards Aberdaron Keith Meredith 16
Elterwater Keith Meredith 17
Splash Down Lisa Mullins 19
Daisies Lisa Mullins 19
Walk on Budle Bay Lisa Mullins 18
Spooked Noel Patterson 20
Bladerunner Noel Patterson 17
Elephant Family – Tanzania Noel Patterson 16
Red Kite in Flight Barry Pearson 19
Relaxing on a Water Bed Barry Pearson 17
Will I make it? Barry Pearson 18
Two Windows Colin Pickles 16
Escourt to the Colour Colin Pickles 17
Street Musician, Krakow Colin Pickles 16
Waiting Dorothy Redford 17
Abandoned Dorothy Redford 16
The Fall Dorothy Redford 17
Expressing Grief Tony Redford 17
Pleased to be Home Tony Redford 17
Highland Stream Tony Redford 18
Once Bitten Geoff Robinson 18
Yesteryear Geoff Robinson 17
Dusk at Comando Memorial Geoff Robinson 17
The Plaything Jackie Robinson 19
The Old Homestead Jackie Robinson 20 Best
Guardian Jackie Robinson 19
Through the Looking Glass Trevor Rogers 16
Hodnet Lily Pond Trevor Rogers 16
Through St James’s to Whitehall Trevor Rogers 16
Thaddeus Aamir Sabzwari 18
The Abandoned Hut Aamir Sabzwari 16
Sun-lit Bittern Alan Saunders 19
Red Stag With Hinds Alan Saunders 17
Fight for the Skies Alan Saunders 16
Horsey Wind Pump Dave Shandley 17
Frosty Morning on Higger Torr Dave Shandley 19
Llyn Dywarchen Dave Shandley 15
River Frome, Dorset Mike Thornton 18
River Goyt, Cheshire Mike Thornton 16
River Thames, Surrey Mike Thornton 16