There were four rounds:

  • Round one had 45 images shown and the audience each selected their 7 favourites;
  • In Round 2, we showed the top 20 and each person selected their top three;
  • In Round 3, 12 images were shown and each person selected one image; and
  • Finally in Round 4 six images were shown and the winner was decided.
Worker Title Progression
Aamir Sabzwari In the Cool of The Day First Round
Andrew Huggett Bridge 25, Macclesfield Canal Third Round
Andrew Whettam Lento Molto Second Round
Ann Stewart Art or Science – Crosby First Round
Bernard Rowlands Lottie Third Round
Bruce Kendrick Hedge Row Hillside First Round
Annette Hockney Dales Tree First Round
David Boam Brave New World Joint Second
Ean Davies Incoming Second Round
John Depares A Quiet Afternoon First Round
John Maltby Ugly Tree 2 First Round
Jon Allanson Line of Trees, Dead Viei Joint Second
Julie Shoesmith A Wintry Scene First Round
Annette Hockney Lake View Third Round
Noel Patterson Gymnastic Leap First Round
Paula Martin Hokkaido First Round
Simeon Briggs Frosty Fields Mist First Round
Aamir Sabzwari Mamtor Descent First Round
Andrew Huggett Hollin Hall, Kerridge First Round
Andrew Whettam Sea Stack Light Mono First Round
Ann Stewart Cocktail Splash Third Round
Bernard Rowlands Lyme Light First Round
Bruce Kendrick Little Grebe Third Round
David Boam Femme Fatale Second Round
Ean Davies Magpie Mine First Round
John Depares Three Islands and A Lagoon First Round
John Maltby What Covid? First Round
Jon Allanson St Peters Church First Round
Julie Shoesmith Walking in The Snow First Round
Paula Martin Mountain Hare Third Round
Annette Hockney Reflected Trees Second Round
Simeon Briggs Letting Off Steam Second Round
Aamir Sabzwari Train to Lancaster First Round
Andrew Huggett Sage Gateshead First Round
Andrew Whittam Textured Cascade First Round
Ann Stewart Wasp Architecture First Round
Bernard Rowlands Stac Pollaigh Second Round
Bruce Kendrick Ridge Path, White Nancy First Round
David Boam Ministry of Love Joint Third
Ean Davies The Caller Joint Second
John Depares Watering the Globe Second Round
Jon Allanson Walking the Great Ridge Winner
Noel Patterson The Rock First Round
Paula Martin Sheep in The Cairngorms Joint Third
Simeon Briggs Rotting in The Rain Second Round