16th February 2021 – Judge: Tillman Kleinhans

The usual Clubworker Print Competitions have been replaced by three themed PDI competitions, the first of which is ‘dereliction’.

Worker Title Score
David Boam Total Abandon 20 Winner
Ean Davies Rough Sleeping 20
Simeon Briggs Pumped Out 20
Andrew Whettam Highs and Lows 19
Danny Hurley The Slate Mill 19
Noel Patterson From a Long Long Time Ago 19
Bernard Rowlands And Who Booked the Accommodation? 18
Ean Davies Brighton West Pier 18
Rob Hockney Suddel St 18
Simeon Briggs Derelict Boats 18
Simeon Briggs Winter at Lostock Hall 18
Andrew Whettam Black Mood at Ardvreck 17
Andrew Whettam In Need of Modernisation 17
Andrew Whettam Seen Better Days 17
Ann Stewart Loss of Power 17
Ann Stewart The Back Doorstep 17
Annette Hockney Dereliction Past and Present 17
Annette Hockney Neglected 17
Annette Hockney The Human Impact 17
Bernard Rowlands Old Shippon 17
Bernard Rowlands Reflections on History 17
Danny Hurley Derelict Hearth 17
Ean Davies A Ray of Hope 17
John Depares Hotel Quarantine 17
John Maltby Ellie’s Crap 17
Aidan Rhode Chairs 16
Aidan Rhode Grand 16
Andrew Huggett Ingersley Vale Mill 16
Bruce Kendrick The Bardsey Ferry Boat – 1960s Style 16
Bruce Kendrick The West Float, Birkenhead Docks 16
John Maltby Madeira PDI 16
John Maltby Old MIll 16
Julie Shoesmith MOT Required 16
Noel Patterson A Brighter Place 16
Noel Patterson Trying to Keep Warm 16
Richard Chandler Pay at Pump 16
Richard Chandler Sky in All Rooms 16
Richard Scaife Holiday Home 16
Rob Hockney Rochdale Rd 16
Simeon Briggs Derelict on the Dee 16
Aidan Rhode Window 15
Andrew Huggett Shadow of the Mill 15
Ann Stewart In Need of Modernisation 15
Ann Stewart Sea Monster 15
Annette Hockney Abandoned 15
Bernard Rowlands Door to the Past 15
Christopher Green Weaving Room 15
Danny Hurley Nature Taking Over 15
David Boam Pit Head 15
Ean Davies Greenshoots 15
John Depares The Staircase to the Opera 15
John Maltby Madeira Mono 15
Julie Shoesmith Still Standing 15
Richard Scaife Poynton’s Last Petrol 15
Richard Scaife Renovation Job 15
Rob Hockney Behind the Wire 15
Tony Berry Galloway Relict 15
Andrew Huggett Mediaeval Defence 14
Andrew Huggett Tide Mills Village 14
David Boam Beneath the City 14
John Depares The End of Internal Combustion 14
Tony Berry Road to Nowhere 14
Tony Berry Window on Destruction 14
Aidan Rhode Shopping Cart 13
Bruce Kendrick East Float, Birkenhead Docks 13
Christopher Green Changing Rooms 13
Christopher Green Old Mill Steps 13
Christopher Green Stone Barn 13