Judge: Graham Currey

Images scoring 18 or over displayed at bottom

Author Title Score
Agnes Barlow Antarctica 16
Agnes Barlow Mischief 14
Christine Bedwin Chaffinch In Flight 18
Christine Bedwin Enjoying A Splash 17
Simeon Briggs Derwent Evening 19
Simeon Briggs Lone Fishing Vessel 18
Chris Green Reach For The Stars 18
Chris Green Tree Shapes 14
Rob Hockney Blonde In Biker Jacket 19
Annette Hockney Cheetah In Morning Light 19
Rob Hockney Gerald 19
Annette Hockney Dont Make Me Shoot 18
Danny Hurley South Stack Sunset 19
Danny Hurley Protect And Survive 15
John Jurics Recycling Point 17
John Jurics The Engineer 17
Paula Martin Wild white pelican in winter breeding plumage 18
Paula Martin Cobbler Pitigliano 16
Paul Matthews Male Orangetip On Ladysmock 19
Paul Matthews Stag Bellowing 19
Lisa Mullins Mating Hoverflies 20
Lisa Mullins Out In The Cold 15
Noel Patterson Rounding The Keeper 19
Noel Patterson Heading For The Line 17
Colin Pickles Diesel Railcar 17
Colin Pickles Left To Dry 17
Tony Redford First Bend 18
Tony Redford Heron Fly-Past 17
Dorothy Redford Tethered Boat 16
Dorothy Redford Tall-Ship Man 14
Jackie Robinson Unruffled Loch Mallachie 20 – Winner
Jackie Robinson The Storyteller 20
Aamir Sabzwari The Breitling Display Team 19
Aamir Sabzwari The Long Jumper 15
Richard Scaife Stained Glass Girl 18
Richard Scaife It Takes All Sorts 17
Penny Scaife Preparations At St Isaacs 17
Penny Scaife Lili Marlene 16
Julie Shoesmith Autumn Is Coming 16
Julie Shoesmith Misty Morning 16
Joyce Streets Gannet 17
Joyce Streets Rock Fall 14

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