Judge: Roger Evans

Images scoring 18 and over are displayed below the table

Author Title Score
Jon Allanson Adoration 17
Jon Allanson Black Rock Cottage 17
Jon Allanson Ooh 18
Christine Bedwin Puffin with Sandeels 17
Christine Bedwin Wild Cheetah 17
Christine Bedwin Zebra 16
Simeon Briggs Alesund 16
Simeon Briggs Cat Bells 19
Simeon Briggs Resting after the rut 17
Chris Green Gothic Window 14
Chris Green Himalayan temple 15
Chris Green Ullswater 15
Annette Hockney kittiwakes taking off 15
Annette Hockney The Bue Scarf 20
Annette Hockney the Nice Guy 19
Rob Hockney Crested Tit 2 20 – WINNER
Rob Hockney Great Spotted Woodpecker 19
Rob Hockney In the river 16
Danny Hurley Noel Patterson 16
Danny Hurley Swift Runs The Dwyfor 15
Danny Hurley Tree Fungi 16
John Jurics Dormant sunvoyager 16
John Jurics Spatial Disorientation – Harpa 16
John Jurics wild alaskan lupin 16
Paula Martin Dalmation pelican 17
Paula Martin Nutcrackers fighting 17
Paula Martin Rocky Shores Lofoten 16
Lisa Mullins Anemone De Caen 18
Lisa Mullins Juvenile Red Deer Stag Pursuing Hind 17
Lisa Mullins Peaky Blinder 19
Noel Patterson Breaking through 17
Noel Patterson Rhythmic gymnast holds balance 19
Noel Patterson The violinist 17
Colin Pickles 47406 16
Colin Pickles Glen Finnan Morning 16
Colin Pickles Ski Slope Store 15
Dorothy Redford Gone with the wind 18
Dorothy Redford London Transport 16
Dorothy Redford Recording the perfect Model 15
Tony Redford Babe in the Wood 17
Tony Redford Dawn Cyclist 16
Tony Redford New Forest Pony Nibbling Charcoal 18
Jackie Robinson Adult Shag with juvenile 19
Jackie Robinson First rays Peak District 20
Jackie Robinson Youve got a friend 18
Aamir Sabzwari Gannet with fish 18
Aamir Sabzwari Kingfisher on a post 19
Aamir Sabzwari Need for speed 17
Julie Shoesmith Autumn Woodland 16
Julie Shoesmith F16 Airbourne 16
Julie Shoesmith Wingwalkers 16
Yvonne StCyr Female Great Crested Grebe with Young 19
Yvonne StCyr Lapwing Feeding 17
Yvonne StCyr Mute Swans in Courtship 20
Mike Thornton Somerset House 17
Mike Thornton The Engine Driver 19
Mike Thornton The Long Jumper 17

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