Judge: Robert Millin

Images scoring 18 and over are displayed below the table

Jon Allanson Bee Orchid 15
Jon Allanson Pilgrim 16
Jon Allanson Serengeti Landscape 17
Simeon Briggs Down By The Canal 14
Simeon Briggs Phil 18
Simeon Briggs Rosnigher Sunset 17
Roger Dye Got It 15
Roger Dye Mating Frogs 18
Roger Dye Three Shovelers 18
Chris Green Ancient Field Boundary 14
Chris Green Floating Discs 13
Chris Green Reservoir Sink Hole 14
Rob Hockney Cheetah And Cub 20 – Winner
Annette Hockney Red Squirrel Eating Moss 20
Annette Hockney The Philanthropist 19
Rob Hockney Hollywood Pin Up 18
Rob Hockney Polar Bear On Ice 20
Annette Hockney This Woman Is Mine 17
John Jurics Back From The Future 18
John Jurics Friend And I 16
John Jurics Tulip Dance 14
Lisa Mullins Ballerina Dreams 20
Lisa Mullins Bethany 17
Lisa Mullins Horse At Sunrise 19
Noel Patterson Caught In The Middle 17
Noel Patterson Chris Holroyd Shoots For Goal 18
Noel Patterson Having A Laugh 17
Colin Pickles Another Place 13
Colin Pickles Canoe Stack 15
Colin Pickles Gondolier 14
Dorothy Redford Crossing 15
Dorothy Redford It Pays To Be Slim 14
Dorothy Redford Security 16
Tony Redford Paington Pier 17
Tony Redford Squalls At Sea 15
Tony Redford Walking The Dogs 17
Aamir Sabzwari Amy 18
Aamir Sabzwari Ganondorf Dragmire 18
Aamir Sabzwari Grey Heron In Flight 17
Julie Shoesmith Purple Tulip 18
Yvonne Stcyr Great Crested Grebe With Perch 19
Yvonne Stcyr Greenshank At Dawn 18
Yvonne Stcyr Red Deer Bellowing At Sunrise 18
Geraldine Stephenson Collecting Water In Romania 17
Geraldine Stephenson Giant Otter – Amazon 19
Geraldine Stephenson Shades Of Antigua 19
Mike Thornton Chloe Henry Pole Vaulter 16
Mike Thornton Footplate Crew 45690 Leander 13
Mike Thornton Ingleton Waterfalls 17

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