The RPS Digital Imaging Group has established a new local group here in the North West and, to get the show on the road, is hosting an interesting inaugural event open to both RPS members and non-members. It features presentations from two of our old friends, Adrian Lines and Terry Donnelly. Adrian is presenting “Processing for Impact” which seems like a great place to go and learn about doing precisely that and improving the chances of your images getting those all important 18s, 19s ands 20s. Terry is presenting “Understanding and Working with Flash” which I’m equally sure will be an interesting and rewarding to talk. There’s even an informal “Bring a Print Competition” which will be judged by Adrian and Terry (and seems like a good opportunity to get some feedback on your image(s) from these guys).

The meeting is being held in Lowton High School (of L&CPU Annual fame) on Sunday 27th Sept. Tickets are £7 unless you are a member of the DIG, in which case, they’re a fiver).

Further details: See attached flyer and/or go to the RPS web site and follow your nose to NW region and/or DIG.

NW DIG Flyer 2015

Unfortunately, very unfortunately, I’m away or I most certainly would be there. I recommend you give it a go.