The last meeting of NCPS was an interesting evening with Tony Worobiec on “Photographing Landscapes in any weather” but while non essential travel restrictions apply most of us will be limited in going out and about. The following day four members of NCPS attended a joint workshop with Chapel CC lead by Tony on “The intimate Landscape”. and this is something we can all still photograph as we spend more time at home. Tony has given me permission to share the workshop notes with you all and they are attached, Thanks Tony.
The broad idea is that rather than pointing your camera at the sky and horizon you turn it instead on the hidden landscape at your feet or near at hand. The seemingly inconsequential elements we are all surrounded by in our homes and if you have one gardens. The colour combinations, rich textures and patterns usually unobserved.
The value of this subject is that no one else has ever photographed it, and the things you find of interest in the intimate landscape may help you to define what interests you as a photographer.
Now if you were to enter these images in a club competition I would speculate that it would be met with a “Well observed” comment and a 16. But something much more powerful starts to emerge if you combine these intimate landscape images together to form a complementary grid of 3/4 images. Each image supports the others and it is less easily dismissed and more engaging. Tony suggested that square format images works well.
So the task I am suggesting people might enjoy trying is:
Read Tony’s brief introduction
Then photograph exclusively in your home, garden, or what can be seen from your home.
Then combine 3/4 complimentary images together into a single image.
Send them to me within the usual 1600 x 1200.  (if you can’t do the combining part then try to have a go since the first arrangement is rarely the final one! but if not send the individual images with some instructions of how you think they might be best arranged.
I will then collate them and share them with everyone to provide us all with some entertainment and inspiration.
At the end of Tony’s workshop we spent just 40 minutes in the local graveyard to take Intimate Landscape images on a dull rainy afternoon.
I have attached along with Tony’s notes a couple of examples I have made all taken in that 40 minute spell.
Happy shooting!