8th December – Judge Christine Widdall
Title Author Score
Jon Allanson Happy Nun 17
Jon Allanson Langur Monkey 16
Agnes Barlow Concentration 13
Agnes Barlow On San Blas Island 16
Mike Barr iPhone Poverty 16
Mike Barr Scaly cricket 17
Christine Bedwin Little Owl 15
Christine Bedwin Squirrel 16
Tony Berry Cardiff Tiger Bay 14
Tony Berry Lilies in Autumn 15
Colin Caygill The Grip 16
Colin Caygill The Killing Fields 17
Roy Cheetham Lord and Lady Harris 15
Roy Cheetham Steam Punk Smoker 14
Katie Garner Lovers 15
Katie Garner Speed Cop 14
John Garner Nyhaven Copenhagen 14
John Garner Powershower 13
Chris Green Bleak moor 15
Chris Green Lost soul 15
Annette Hockney woodpecker feeding fledgling 18
Annette Hockney leaping salmon at Rogie Falls 14
Rob Hockney Greatspotted woodpecker at pool 17
Rob Hockney I bet your missus would like some nylons 17
Danny Hurley The watchful eye of Amara 16
Danny Hurley Truck Lockdown 15
John Jurics feeling Safe 15
John Jurics Playing for Peanuts 14
June Lown Barn Owl 17
June Lown Red Kite 17
Mike Lown Mountain Lilly 16
Mike Lown Padley Gorge 16
Paul Matthews Great Crested grebes mating 20 – WINNER
Paul Matthews Southern hawker 18
Keith Meredith Durdle Door 14
Keith Meredith Lone Tree 16
Lisa Mullins Just Chillin 16
Lisa Mullins Red Deer Hind 16
Noel Patterson High kick – Taekwondo 19
Noel Patterson The tackle 19
Colin Pickles Bandsman 14
Colin Pickles Naval Service Memorial Alrewas 13
Dorothy Redford Eastern Portrait 16
Dorothy Redford Young Artist 15
Tony Redford Misty Flight 16
Tony Redford Time for Diet Coke 15
Aamir Sabzwari Hetal 14
Aamir Sabzwari Tomboy 17
Richard Scaife A Gentler Age 14
Richard Scaife Going to the Mill 14
Julie Shoesmith bumble bee 13
Julie Shoesmith Dome and shadow 16
Yvonne StCyr Great Crested Grebe with Perch 20
Yvonne StCyr Grey Heron with Escaping Frog 20
Geraldine Stephenson Hoverfly Feeding 17
Geraldine Stephenson Whites Tree Frog 18
Joyce Streets Tern 17
Joyce Streets The Wave 18