15th October – Judge Tom Bowett FRPS

For each author, images are listed in priority order.

Title Author Score
Black Rock Cottage #1 Jon Allanson 15
Two ladies on the Train Jon Allanson 15
The Spiv Jon Allanson 14
Spitsbergen Agnes Barlow 15
Young Entrepreneur Agnes Barlow 15
Gerbera Agnes Barlow 14
Furry Visitor Bill Chadband 15
Fun on the River Bill Chadband 15
The Castle in the Cliff Bill Chadband 14
Charlie Roy Cheetham 16
Stephie Roy Cheetham 15
Emma Roy Cheetham 15
Mink Yvonne St Cyr 16
Greater Spotted Female Woodpecker
feeding young
Yvonne St Cyr 17
Fallow Deer at Dawn Yvonne St Cyr 15
Chariots Away John Garner 15
Low Tide John Garner 14
On Guard Katie Garner 14
Scene in Rome Katie Garner 16
Drift School Dave Hockin 15
Jet Ski Dave Hockin 14
Dante Layla Dave Hockin 16
Pray for redemption Lynda Hockin 16
Golden Iris Lynda Hockin 14
Boots Lynda Hockin 15
Big cat Rob Hockney 16
Caffeine and porcelain Rob Hockney 16
The photographer Rob Hockney 14
Sheep Worrier Danny Hurley 14
Thinking One Jump Ahead Danny Hurley 16
Ewe Lookin At Me Danny Hurley 14
Aggressive Siskin Graham Johnston 17
Racing for the Line Graham Johnston 19
Wheelie Graham Johnston 17
Castlefield canal basin Ken Jones 14
Disco Fever Ken Jones 14
Up n over Ken Jones 17
Dowry Woods Barclay Marshall 15
Morecambe Bay Barclay Marshall 14
Working in the Vineyards Barclay Marshall 14
Gannet with Seaweed Paula Martin 16
Puffin Landing Paula Martin 16
Yorkshire Morning Paula Martin 14
Male kingfisher Paul Matthews 20
Dungflies mating Paul Matthews 19
Greyhounds racing Paul Matthews 20 Best
Blue & Pink Hair Day Keith Meredith 16
Evening Walk on Benlech Beach Keith Meredith 14
Padley Gorge Keith Meredith 14
Wild Rabbit Lisa Mullins 17
Tulip Lisa Mullins 16
Found It! Lisa Mullins 14
In the heat of battle Noel Patterson 17
A touch Noel Patterson 15
Trust Noel Patterson 15
Gannet over stormy sea Barry Pearson 19
Racing bike at Oulton Park Barry Pearson 16
PT-22 and Tracy Curtis-Taylor Barry Pearson 17
Above Risoul Colin Pickles 15
The Band Colin Pickles 14
Waterside Lincoln Colin Pickles 14
Ready for the Road Dorothy Redford 18
Paris Fashions Dorothy Redford 16
Two in Sail Dorothy Redford 16
Nature Moves In Tony Redford 15
Early Walkers Tony Redford 14
Grandpa’s Old Truck Tony Redford 15
Stag and Hind Phil Riley 19
Mud Riders Phil Riley 16
Best of Three Phil Riley 18
The Minder Geoff Robinson 16
Tegen Mor Geoff Robinson 15
Pontiac Car Hood Design Geoff Robinson 16
Dove Valley mists Jackie Robinson 16
Beached Babe Jackie Robinson 18
Classic view towards Parkhouse Hill Jackie Robinson 16
Red Grouse Gordon Robson 16
Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly Gordon Robson 15
Ladybower Fishermen Gordon Robson 14
Tuscan Artery Trevor Rogers 15
Twenty Trees Revisited Trevor Rogers 14
Flower Meadow Trevor Rogers 14
Kamara 2 Aamir Sabzwari 15
Lynne Aamir Sabzwari 15
Nikita 2 Aamir Sabzwari 16
Otter Cubs on Mull Alan Saunders 18
Swallowtail Butterfly Alan Saunders 16
White Tailed Sea Eagle Alan Saunders 19
Water Lily Leaves Richard Scaife 15
A Little Bit of Spain Richard Scaife 14
Borrowing Architecture Richard Scaife 14
Woodland branch Dave Shandley 16
Parisian Ladies Dave Shandley 14
Anemone with Butterfly Dave Shandley 14
Abandoned Joyce Streets 16
European Brown Hare Joyce Streets 19
War Cry Joyce Streets 15