28th January 2014 – Judge Graham Shaw

For each author, images are listed in priority order.

Title Author Score
Barber’s Shop, Varanasi Jon Allanson 14
Bathing in the Ganges Jon Allanson 14
Varanasi Boatman Jon Allanson 15
Best Friends Agnes Barlow 14
Morning shadows Agnes Barlow 18
Happy Faces Agnes Barlow 16
Charlie R Cheetham 14
Nakita R Cheetham 14
Stephie R Cheetham 13
Male Red Grouse Calling Yvonne St Cyr 15
Wild Rabbit Yvonne St Cyr 17
Tramway John Garner 15
Train Spotting John Garner 14
Lee Dave Hockin 15
Nude Study Dave Hockin 15
Suzuki Dave Hockin 13
I Lynda Hockin 15
Gentoo chick demanding food Rob Hockney 16
Handing it to the Red Arrows Rob Hockney 16
Path to the summit Rob Hockney 16
Hot Dog Danny Hurley 16
The Red Eye Danny Hurley 14
Boris’s Lair Danny Hurley 15
grazing faun Frank Hutchinson 14
Roof detail, Fountains Abbey Frank Hutchinson 13
British Museum Frank Hutchinson 15
Siskins Graham Johnston 20
Jon Kirkham Graham Johnston 16
Gannet Graham Johnston 14
Short eared owl Paul Matthews 20 Best
Male Orangetip Paul Matthews 19
Red Deer Stag Bellowing Paul Matthews 19
Evening Blues Keith Meredith 15
Blea Tarn Keith Meredith 15
Billy Keith Meredith 14
Red Deer Hinds Lisa Mullins 14
Labradors Lisa Mullins 12
Cosmos Lisa Mullins 14
The fencers big night Noel Patterson 16
Victory Noel Patterson 16
Dinner Noel Patterson 15
We are coming for you Barry Pearson 14
Race to the corner Barry Pearson 15
Rolling is slower than biking Barry Pearson 16
Mr Darcy at Lyme Park Colin Pickles 13
Fallow deer Colin Pickles 15
Four Trees Colin Pickles 13
Floating Dorothy Redford 14
Me and My Cat Dorothy Redford 18
Them and Us Dorothy Redford 15
Winter Visitors Tony Redford 18
Detail, Wells Cathedral Tony Redford 18
Commandos Monument Spean Bridge Tony Redford 18
Kingfisher Entering Nest Burrow Phil Riley 15
Racing Greyhounds Phil Riley 16
Red Deer Stag Phil Riley 17
Early Autumn Cruise Geoff Robinson 14
Abandoned Chapel Geoff Robinson 16
Icon Geoff Robinson 15
Dawn at Surprise View Jackie Robinson 15
Lucy and Bess Jackie Robinson 15
Higger Tor Grouse Jackie Robinson 15
Bodger Trevor Rogers 14
White on Heather Trevor Rogers 15
Botanic Beauty Trevor Rogers 17
Praying Aamir Sabzwari 13
All I want for Christmas Aamir Sabzwari 13
Nick Aamir Sabzwari 14
Puffin with Flowers Alan Saunders 18
Blue Damselfly Alan Saunders 15
Red Grouse – Stanage Edge Alan Saunders 18
Cricceth Winter Sunset Dave Shandley 19
Penmon Lighthouse Dave Shandley 19
Llyn Idwal Dave Shandley 16
European Brown Hare 2 Joyce Streets 19
Gannet Landing Joyce Streets 16
Great Crested Grebe with Chicks Joyce Streets 15
Colorado River Ride Mike Thornton 15
Japanese Maple Mike Thornton 13
Stranded 6298 Mike Thornton 15
Age Concern Brian Turnbull 15
Millau Viaduct Brian Turnbull 15
Out to sea Brian Turnbull 14