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Well done Paul

currently gracing the front page of the PAGB Feb Newsletter is Paul Matthews' image  Red Deer Stag Bellowing that won Best Mammal in the GB Nature Cup Individual Awards – Well done Paul, a well deserved win Danny

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Regular Photo Shoots

Following on the success of the recent Simon Butterworth workshop there was much talk amongst the attendees about the possibility of arranging regular monthly photo shoots. After many emails between the committee members and the positive feedback gathered, it has been decided to give this a whirl. In order to accommodate member’s wishes we will

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Photographic Competition

NHS_SCCCG_Photo_Competition I have receive the following  regarding a Photographic Competition :- South Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group are holding their very first photo competition for people living in Cheshire. I have attached all the details for you and would be delighted if your members would like to take part. We are holding an exhibition of all

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Monthly Photo shoots

  Starting next month the Club is organising a series of regular monthly 1-day photo shoots to various locations in and around Cheshire and further afield in the UK. Dates  have yet to be fixed but will, where possible, alternate between weekdays and weekends to cater for the widest possible audience. Venues will be selected

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That Was The Week That Was!

Well I don't know when I've experienced a week like we've just had, a roller-coaster ride in every sense of the word. You will have already seen the blogs from Graham and Rob but I felt I had to add my two penn'orth. Saturday – the L&CPU PDI Knock Outs at Edge Hill University, Ormskirk.

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Roll up, ROLL UP………

    THIS IS OUR BIG WEEK!   Witness the continuation, at our very own venue, of the club's highly successful run in major competitions (we hope!) Check out the BLOG on our dedicated North Cheshire Challenges website for more on these top events:      This website contains all you need to know - and more.

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