Want to try something different? Want photographic opportunities you don’t normally get? (for free!) Are you getting bored with your photography? Here is your opportunity to:- Get the Mayor and the MP to pose by a stall selling fruit wines. Take picture of a table full of decorated cupcakes. Walk into the middle of an

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Sunday 25th May: Operation Tutbury Castle

Folks, You like 1940s and WW2 re-enactments?  Well this is grand daddy of them all involving German and Russian soldiers as well as the usual British and Allied troops and includes battle re-enactments with overhead air support. Away from the front there will be the usual array of military vehicles, military characters and other non-military personnel, all

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Photography News

I have been chasing up our supply of this free newspaper to eventually receive just 10 copies rather than our expected 50. The reason being explained in the following letter from the Editor, Will Cheung. Our Society is featured on page 8 as promised. Dear Club Organiser First of all I would like to thank

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Tour of Britain

Or ..........If anyone fancies taking some photos of the Tour of Britain - here is the link to the site with details of the route. http://www.tourofbritain.co.uk/stages/index.php#.U1fOhMfzTAc

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