Want to try something different?

Want photographic opportunities you don’t normally get? (for free!)

Are you getting bored with your photography?

Here is your opportunity to:-

Get the Mayor and the MP to pose by a stall selling fruit wines.

Take picture of a table full of decorated cupcakes.

Walk into the middle of an arena surrounded by people with only an enormous horse, a girl and a man in bowler hat for company.

Take a picture of a man in a white coat and a deerstalker hat cracking an egg.

Photograph a girl serving burgers and get close up to a boy band.

Take a picture of a man dangling two mice by their tails.

Get special access to all the marquees while the judging takes place before the public are allowed in.

Or just photograph people enjoying themselves.

With luck, see some of your pictures on the Poynton Show website and in next year’s show brochure.

Yes, it is nearly POYNTON SHOW TIME AGAIN.    Saturday 29th August 2015

Poynton Show is an excellent country show. Think the Cheshire Show but on a smaller scale.

As you will know, we have our own stand and are the official photographers for the show. We usually manage to turn out about 6-8 people to take photos of the event and man our stand (the more the better). Please reply to this if you can help and haven’t already spoken to me. No experience needed. (It is a great learning opportunity.)

You will of course have time to take some photos for yourself.

If you could help us man the stand or would like to take photos from a different (more professional?) angle, get in touch with Richard Scaife (01625 878269). We always need more people, even if you can only do part of the day.

It is really a great day out!